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I am that person who believes in celebrating everything! And 2020 is not a kind year. 2020 is the reason big enough to celebrate every spirit – to lift our own spirits! While the world today is radiating negativity, nature is still following its cycle and fall is here! The neighbourhood is different this time. I don’t see a lot of harvest and fall decors like last year. But I think it has become all the more important to bring the change – with the seasons. So, here I am – sharing some cute fall decor ideas.

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When I was in India, I used to go crazy with festival decoration at around the same time. Now, the fun has doubled – literally and figuratively! It’s not just Durga Puja, Dussehra and Diwali but also the harvest, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Sure, we are not socializing much a mostly celebrating these festivals virtually or with a limited number of people but decorating your home – big or small – can help you feel a li’l more festive! Cute fall decor for your room, or workstation or patio – it all counts!

The decor is probably the stepping stone for me. Eventually, I move into trying some festive delicacies or activities. Currently, I am looking for some great fall recipes to try. It’s surprising how our basic garam masala is the seasonal pumpkin spice! By the way, pumpkin spice latte is really nice!

Cute Fall Room Decor

Bedroom, study, living room or even the bathroom, putting some elements anywhere is my favourite kind of thing to do during the festival season!

Cute Fall Decor Ideas: Add Autumnal Ascents

My room is minimal! While I have my neighbours completely revamping their rooms with the fall ascent, I like putting just some table and wall decors (which I will be talking about later).

The typical neutral hues of brown, orange and greys give a very rustic touch to your space.

Add Elements which appeal to all senses

Adding scented candles and potpourri is one of the best ways to emulate a festival at home! I remember putting fresh shiuli flowers on my centrepiece every day during October and November.

Now, I have put up pumpkins, dried leaves, pine cones and pumpkin pie spices to have that feeling!

Wall Art and quirky quotes are never old!

Words weave beautiful stories and reality! Quotes with your favourite elements always build a personal and hygge space!

I have created the following wall/table quote – which is available on my online shop(shameless plug)! My customers have loved it. I love it too!

Cute Fall Decor Ideas: Don’t forget the bathroom!

Adding some elements to the bathroom counter is my favourite thing to do! Adding some decorative pumpkins and fall coloured towels instantly adds the festive vibes.

Cute Fall Patio Decor

If you have a patio, you can actually go very large with the decor. I so wish I had a front porch so that I could replicate some of the beautiful inspirations from here!

Go bold with Fall Signs!

DIY a beautiful fall wreath!

Spice up your doorway with fall goodness – little bit rustic, little bit minimalist – it will be impossible not to smile every time you slip your key into the door!

Cute Fall Decor Ideas: Small Balcony Fixes

I have a cute balcony which I think is my happy place – it is my window to the world during this pandemic. Here is my cosy li’l space decor, complete with a scarecrow plush toy!

Do you have any decor idea? Please share! I am always looking for some inspiration!

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  1. There are a few posts which instantly bring a smile on our face and this is one such post:) I love room decors and pastel shades are my jam. Loved reading this 🙂 Here at my place, I start changing the decor as per festivals, every season should bring a new vibe 🙂

  2. OMG! What an absolutely beautiful and pleasing decor. I absolutely loved the bedroom decor ideas and the balcony fixes with scarecrow, Archie Comics Frame and Superman BottlePaint. I wish I was in US to celebrate the falls. It must be such a delight to redecorate your house per the season.

  3. Aww such a cute fall decor ideas. you know fall is my favorite weather. and here in USA this is the season, that I loved and enjoyed so much. loved all the ideas. thanks for sharing.

  4. Simple yet elegant ideas… I also like to keep my decorations minimal so that it becomes easier to change from one occasion to another! Never thought of decorating the bathroom though 😂 Maybe this year in order to feel good amidst all the negativity!

  5. Your balcony is beautiful. I am a big Halloween fan so it reasoned my likes. I really like your ideas and it makes me want to do a lot of changes in my house too.

  6. Ugh I need a new house now so I can renovate it and make it look like this! Isn’t there a cheaper option?! I’m going to send this to my friend and I can just picture the number of packages that’ll be arriving at her home soon.

  7. Wow these are some really awesome decor ideas shared. I really love to decorate the house for various occasions and now u have given me sme great ideas. I I specially loved the wreaths and the balcony decor ideas. The Archie comic frame is too good.

  8. I must say your ideas on interior decoration are indeed quaint and cute. We live in a three bedroom apartment and our house is rather sparsely decorated. It is not our own house and is a rented accommodation. But still your post gives me some ideas.

    1. I know right! Adding some new and seasonal element is such a nice way of refreshing your home decor every now and then! Thank you for your kind words!

    1. Oh, absolutely! People are crazy – you will find colour-coordinated porch decor/living room decors! While fall is all about the brown and orange hues, Christmas is always red and green! Not just that, come spring and you will find all the yellow decor! And July is all about stripe, stars and the tri color! People keep them busy that way!

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