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Happy Halloween!

I am one of those people who will wait until the very last moment when it comes to festivals! Be it gifting, decor or even food and drinks! If you are as lazy as me, this post it just for you! Sharing two of my favourite coloured cocktails which definitely go with the season! The two Halloween cocktail recipes are easy to make and are vividly going to match the spooky theme!

For me, halloween has always been the time to enjoy the lighter and sweeter cocktails! Culturally, India doesn’t celebrate halloween. However, we did have pub crawls on the 31st October but that is it! Now, the kids have started doing the treat and treating and it’s just fun!

I am sharing two cocktails today – they are sweet and made with 3 ingredients! Weel, isn’t that what I do? Mix simple cocktails, right in your kitchen! These are the most basic of the cocktails but they are as tipsy as they can get!

I am sharing videos in this post – exploring a new way to make my content easily accessible. Also, I have started a new Mixology at Home course. Right now, it’s a live course. I will be launching an offline course soon!

Drink responsibly. Don’t mix drinking with driving.

Easy Halloween Cocktails: Dracula’s Blood

This is a very easy halloween cocktail recipe for the evening. Some juice, lemon and rum – that is all you need!

Adding lemon to your sweet drinks brings a perfect balance and of course, who doesn’t enjoy that subtle citrus flavour!

I am using black decorating sugar to give a creepy look to my glass.

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Easy Halloween Cocktails: Witches Brew

Now, this one is pretty easy for a cocktail! It looks fancy because of its colour. This easy Halloween cocktail recipe just needs you to have a good dry gin at home and you are good to go!

While I am using Empress Gin for it’s vibrant color, you can either use purple food color or you can brew some butterfly pea blossoms(tea or just the flowers) and use the brewed concoction in your cocktail.

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I really hope you enjoy these easy cocktails when at home! I did want to share some fancy recipes but then that would mean breaking the character of this blog! However, I am definitely planning on sharing some fancier cocktails for winter!

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