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Sharing two of our family holiday recipes – Butter Chicken Recipe (marinated chicken, roasted and then served with a thick sweet and sour tomato gravy) and Gajar (or carrot) Halwa (grated carrot cooked in milk and sugar). I am sharing a savoury dish and a dessert to give an idea and peek into the North Indian kitchen!

Remember how I talked about how this time of the year is just festive, no matter where you are or to which culture you belong. While here in the US, the holiday season is in the full swing, when I was in India, the last quarter of every year was a time to celebrate with family – durga pujo, Dussehra, Diwali and Bhai Dooj!

October and November are always festive for us! While we are pumped up because of the festive vibes, of every possible culture, we celebrate two birthdays in a family of four – my father and my sister – so these months are always about get-together!

When you are away from family, you tend to miss the family traditions even more. Though this year, the pandemic has ensured that the large scale celebration of family traditions, we still celebrating the spirit at home with a couple of other families.

I enjoy everything pumpkin! And I love pumpkin spice. But these two dishes, Butter Chicken and Gajar ka Halwa, are what I make when we are going to a friend’s place for dinner during a crispy fall evening or for thanksgiving. Also, they go so well with the fall colors!

I really hope you enjoy making them at home!

Butter Chicken Recipe

Our family tradition for birthdays is to have a hearty meal, preferably dinner, of butter chicken, served with thin Indian bread called roomali roti. We would either cook it at home or go out to the fanciest place. As I mentioned that my father’s and sister’s birthday are always around the festival, this would invariably be a part of the menu of family gatherings! Sharing the easiest recipe!

This is an elaborated recipe but it’s always worth the efforts. It is not spicy at all, thus making it suitable for almost every palate!

Gajar Ka Halwa Recipe

This dessert is loved by my friends and colleagues in the US! It’s the perfect fall recipe – the colour, the texture and the warmth this dish carries is just amazing! This is again an elaborated recipe but I am sharing a quick version!

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