Modern Bride’s Diary | 7 Ways To Save Money On Jewellery

Jewellery isn’t cheap, but there are ways in which you can cut costs if you’re shopping on a tight budget. Here are just several ways to save money on jewellery. Millennial brides are practical. I realized though buying jewellery is a great investment, I don’t need to block my funds with something I don’t use and have to constantly worry about keeping at home! I would rather tell you to invest the money in something else – funds or deposits! But weddings call for bling.

Buy used jewellery

Used jewellery is often a lot cheaper than brand new jewellery. You can shop for classic and vintage designs at thrift stores and antique stores. This could be the perfect gift for someone that loves to shop vintage. 

Shop online

Jewellery is often a lot cheaper to buy online than it is in local stores. You can also browse through a much larger selection of jewellery online. Just be wary to factor in the delivery time when buying online. You should also make sure that any site you buy from is trusted so that you know you’re getting a good quality product (positive reviews and high quality product photos are a good sign of a trusted site). 

Save Money On Jewellery: Avoid big brands

When you buy jewellery from big brands, you’ll often be paying extra for the name. Consider lesser known brands – many of these brands will have designs that are just as striking as those offered by bigger brands, but at a fraction of the price. Just be sure to always research into the reputation of a brand first – some lesser brands may use lower quality manufacturing processes.

Opt for a low carat grade

If you’re buying a diamond ring, don’t get too caught up trying to find a high carat diamond. The carat affects only the weight of the stone and not the shininess – a diamond with lower carat and higher cut could be cheaper while looking more dazzling.  You can read more about carat grades here at It’s also worth researching into cut, clarity and colour. 

Consider coloured stones

Another tip for saving money on diamonds: choose a coloured diamond instead of a clear one. Coloured stones tend to be a lot cheaper than clear ones and can often look just as pretty. Even slightly coloured stones can be a lot cheaper than completely clear stones. 

Modern Bride's Diary | Save Money On Jewellery
Save Money On Jewellery: Consider coloured stones
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Consider alternative metals

This is not my style but if you are looking for jewellery which you specifically need for certain dresses or occasions, then you can explore this option.

You can save money on jewellery by considering alternatives to gold and silver. This could include copper, stainless steel, tungsten carbide, titanium or palladium. Some of these metals are likely to be a lot cheaper and could still look equally pretty (if the stone is the main attraction, the metal may not matter too much and could be a way of cutting costs). Some alternative metals such as titanium can also be hypoallergenic making them, making them a safe bet when buying for someone with metal allergies. 

Save Money On Jewellery: Make your own jewellery

If you consider yourself to be quite DIY savvy, you could even consider making your own jewellery. On top of saving money, the jewellery you make will be completely personalised. The time you put into it could also make it a much more thoughtful gift than buying a necklace or bracelet. You can find guides to making jewellery online at sites like this.

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