5 Winter Pastimes to Make This Holiday Season a Little More Exciting

Why are we talking about winter pastimes? Needless to say, this winter will be a little different from any other. Due to the still-in-place social distancing measures and various travel plans, that long-dreamed Caribbean holiday will need to stay on hold until next year! At the same time, house parties and dinners with friends and families might not be the safest option to spend your holidays. So, what’s there left to do during these upcoming holidays? Here are some winter pastimes you can enjoy while wrapped in a comfy blanket and sipping your favourite hot chocolate – with others or alone!

Board Games

Board games are always a win-win if you are bored with others in the house. Of course, Christmas specials and TV series are great resources to spend most of our time off. But, if you wish to switch to something else during a cold winter afternoon, you might decide to dust the pile of board games in your storage room. Alternatively, if it is only the two of you in the house, you might opt for an exciting game of chess! Aside from sparking healthy competition, it can help you keep your brain sharp during the sluggish week ahead.

Winter Pastimes
Holiday theme Jenga! Or how about a giant Jenga?*

Winter Pastimes: My Favourite boardgames*

The game of life will always remain my favourite childhood game!

Cluedo – the thrill of being the smartest of all is unbeatable

The Jenga can be really intense!

Winter Pastimes: Start a Scrapbook

Time off work gives you the chance to dedicate yourself to the things you never seem to have enough time to enjoy. And what is better than a moment when all travels seem impossible to bring back memories of past trips? Starting a scrapbook of your holidays and experiences can be the best way to spend an afternoon going through old photos – and let your creativity free!

Puzzles and Quizzes

If you want to test your brain and challenge yourself, puzzles are the best option. They can be an excellent way to learn something new and find out some trivia to impress others during the holidays. You can even get a subscription of your favorite ones at https://www.pennydellpuzzles.com/fill-ins/ and avoid having to leave your home at all. Alternatively, if you are in the company of others, quizzes are the best way to keep everybody entertained during an otherwise-dull evening.

Or you can innovate the classic games like my nephew does!

Cultivate House Plants and Herbs

If you are looking for a mindful hobby that will require you to learn something new and exciting, you might decide to start cultivating and propagating house plants. And, if you include herbs and spices in your array, you can also use them in your holiday recipes. Growing plants can be extremely rewarding and, once sprouting, they are the most beautiful home decoration you could invest in. And, of course, their benefits on our health and wellbeing are endless!

I have set up a li’l cocktail garden too!

Winter Pastimes: Try New Recipes

If you have always wanted to refine your cooking skills, now you have the time to do so! Start with something easy and try out new variations of the classic Christmas recipes. You will have a lot of fun and treat your other half to a special dinner. If cooking and baking are not really your thing, but you like the idea of experimenting with recipes, many Christmas cocktails ideas are waiting to be tried!

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