Modern Bride’s Diary | 6 Things People Don’t Tell You About Getting Engaged

Getting engaged is a dream come true for everyone who is in a relationship and want to take it to the next phase! No matter how long you and your partner dated, or how many times you have been ‘just’ the bridesmaid at your friend’s wedding, there are some truths that you are completely unaware of until he gets down on one knee with the perfect ring such as the diamonds at

Some of these include: 

You Probably Won’t Be Wearing The Perfect outfit 

Whatever proposal you had dreamt about, wearing the most perfect outfits, with the best hair, nails and clear complexion, in reality, it may not happen. Whether it happens when you’re wearing no makeup in your comfortable loungewear, or in the middle of the Maldives in your hot bikini, it will always be more special than your dream proposal. Because it is now your own story and no one else. 

I proposed to my bae and it happened on a riverside, just after we woke up from a nap in our loungewear! But as I always say, life is all about living the imperfect moments perfectly!

Getting Engaged: You Will Constantly Stare At Your Hand 

You will have this stunning new piece of jewellery on your hand that symbolises a once-in-a-lifetime significance. It’s certainly enough to make you want to stare at your hand as often as possible. Even if you’re not someone who where’s jewellery, you will be obsessed. 

Modern Bride's Diary | 6 Things People Don't Tell You About Getting Engaged
Modern Bride’s Diary | 6 Things People Don’t Tell You About Getting Engaged

Modern Bride’s Diary: You, Will, Have To Tell Your Story A Million Times 

As soon as you have said, yes! One of the first questions people tend to ask you is how it happened. You need to get used to this. You will tell and retell your story again and again, but its all part of the fun. A great way to get around this could be to have a wedding website or share your story on social media where your family and friends can see it. 

Getting Engaged: People Will Ask You About Plans Before You’ve Looked 

Everyone is excited. So before you even had time for it to settle in and look at wedding ideas, people will ask you things like ‘where are you going to get married’, ‘have you thought about what type of dress you want’ and ‘What colour scheme are you choosing’. It’s perfectly fine and normal for you not to have any idea what you want at this point. So, just reply by saying something like ‘ we’re just really excited, and enjoying been engaged at the moment. I’m sure there will be plenty of time to start looking at the details soon.’

Not Everyone Will Be Happy For You 

A thing you will find in every bride’s diary is the fact that she is always worried about people being unhappy about her development in the relationship! There will usually be one person who will appear to be less elated or supportive compared to the rest of your friends and family. If this doesn’t happen for you, you’re one of the lucky ones. Just think of their reaction as a reflection of them and not you. And never dwell on negative feedback. Always focus on the positive. 

Modern Bride’s Diary: Your Friends Will Be There For You

You will automatically know the people that you can rely on. They’re the ones who are just as excited as you and bombarded you with messages the minute you make the announcement. They are also most likely the ones who will ready and waiting to organise a celebration drinks or party. They will always be there will any help that you need. 

These are all things that no one tells you about before you become engaged. Is there anything that happened to you once you becomes engaged? Or are you waiting for the question? Please share some of your stories int the comments below. 

  1. This such a practical article! I remember before getting engaged I was always aware of my nails and my outfit! Sharing this with some of my girlfriends!

  2. OMG I LOVE this article. These are all true and more. True story: a girl I worked with (acquaintances at best) stopped speaking to me at all when I got engaged. The kicker: I got the same shape diamond engagement ring she wanted. She was furious with me. LOL. Bye.

  3. i am not engaged but i’ve been there for numerous friends as they were engaged and married. it is very interesting you’d say not everyone will be happy for you on your engagement. how very interesting.

  4. I have heard of countless account of women regretting not getting their nails done on the day of proposal, but sure did not let it impede the beautiful memory of that day. And oh, once you have that ring on your finger, you just couldn’t get enough of it. It’s something worth celebrating and being happy about.

  5. I remember such a feeling of belonging when I got engaged. I had some naysayers but didn’t let it get to me. It was a super exciting time, but stressful in planning the wedding at times. And it was a great time of celebration with my friends.

  6. I have just married and could see some of the things you said here are true. Nevertheless, I didn’t have a website or share my stories on social media. Me and my wife would love to keep our happiness secretly for us.

  7. I have never been engaged, but have had many friends and family members that have been engaged and gotten married. All those things you shared are so true, especially telling the story a million times, haha

  8. I think when someone gets engaged, they become too proud. Of course, it’s a happy moment but sometimes You, Will, Have To Tell Your Story A Million Times! There are a lot of people who will ask about it.

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