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I hate it too when I don’t post for the mid-week happy hour! But here I am, back with a new alcohol for the month. It’s white wine. And given the busy schedule, I am starting off the month with the easiest white wine cocktail perhaps – white wine mojito.

Why white wine for the month? I recently asked my family on Instagram and white wine won unanimously!

I have shared a white wine cocktail before. This one is even more basic – you just need lemonade for it. I am assuming life has already given you lemons and you have made the lemonade. Might as well enjoy it differently!

I guess lemonade is the most basic drink that is available everywhere. I make fresh lemonade all the time – a li’l sweet and using water and sparkling water in the same ratio. Lemonade is the bets summer drink and spiking it is never a bad idea. Mojito is super refreshing. I made the white wine mojito and loved it!

If you are too lazy, you can just use citrus sparkling water. Add it to your white wine, add a lemon spiral or wedge and enjoy the spritzer!

I am sharing the best quantities that worked for me. Also, the secret here is to have both the wine and the lemonade super chilled. You can use any wine of your choice. I love chardonnay – I have played with a lot! Enjoy the white wine mojito!

I have seen people adding white wine to the classic mojito. Basically, you add vodka to your lemonade and then add the wine. I am not a fan of it though but you can try!

Drink responsibly. Mixing alcohols is cool. But mixing drinking with driving is not!

Featured Image: Photo by Jenny Pace on Unsplash

  1. I had never tried white wine mohito. I love white wine though and there is one bottle left in my freezer. I was planning to empty it tonight, way tired by now but I can try this recipe. Different yet lovely!

  2. I love mojitos! First time I see it with wine, but it sounds good. My wife loves wine so we are probably have some wine mojitos to enjoy sunday!

  3. yummm this sounds so amazing, I love a good mid week cocktail. I totally need make this recipes. thanks fro sharing

  4. I’ve never tried a white wine mojito before, but this looks quite delicious and refreshing! Looking forward to trying this out sometime, thanks for sharing the recipe with us!

  5. I don’t drink but I am sure my sister will love it. I will share this with her and I am pretty sure that she will try making this.

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