Reasons to Go to Disneyland as an Adult | 7 Fun Facts

Since I was a kid, I had dreamt of going to Disneyland. And never have I ever wanted to go to any other place but the original theme park in Anaheim! I had my reasons to go to Disneyland. For starters, I was a massive fan of all the toons – the original oldies like Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse et al. Then, there were TV shows which showed the adventure and theme park in the best light possible! As a kid, the USA seemed like a distant dream. Once I grew up, I knew it was definitely going to happen.

Reasons to Go to Disneyland

I could have gone to Disney World in Hong Kong or Paris, but my priorities were always set right!

Adults are just obsolete children and the hell with them.

Dr. Seuss

Finally, in 2019, I celebrated my 29th birthday in Disneyland, California. This was the first place I went to after moving to countries. I might sound like an over-grown kid, but trust me, nothing about Disneyland is an exaggeration. Birthdays are sacred for me. I am always super excited about my birthday. Now that I am a week away from my 30th circle around the sun, I decided to write this travel memory. I don’t know when I will be travelling again, so it’s an excellent idea to write about a place which is so close to my heart!

Reasons to Go to Disneyland

Due to the COVID19 situation, Disneyland is temporarily closed. I hope that the world recovers soon. And when it does, remember these reasons to go to Disneyland, at least once in your lifetime. Also, remember to adopt the best practices of social distancing and hygiene. 

Disneyland: The Happiest Place on the Earth

They don’t call it that just like that! No matter how old you are, you will always find this place to be full of happiness that suits you! I remember meeting so many people in their late 60s and 70s, visiting Disneyland for the first time. The look on their faces, the smiles and the happiness – it’s just overwhelming. 

Reasons to Go to Disneyland

One of the best reasons to go to Disneyland : Nostalgia

This is really a place where I would love to go with my friends and family with whom I enjoyed the Disney series or movies in my childhood. This place is like living your childhood again, lifesize! I think meeting the characters was indeed the highest point of my trip!

Reasons to Go to Disneyland
Reasons to Go to Disneyland


I think indulgence in all childhood delicacies should be the first reason to visit Disneyland!

Reasons to Go to Disneyland

You can find churros throughout the park – and I won’t lie, I am obsessed with them! 

Reasons to Go to Disneyland


This park keeps on upgrading its rides. While there are the classics from Peter Pan and Sleeping Beauty, you will also find the Star Wars and Guardian of the Galaxy themed rides. And guess what? They are specifically for adults! 

Reasons to Go to Disneyland

Parades and Light and Sound Shows

The parades, which keep on taking place according to different schedules, are certainly spreading more happiness than you can imagine.

Reasons to Go to Disneyland
Reasons to Go to Disneyland

Both Disneyland Park and Adventure Park have various light shows at night. And I might be biased but calling them magnificent is an understatement! 

Reasons to Go to Disneyland

Workshops and Screening of Classic Movies

There are various workshops happening in the Adventure park – drawing the characters, animations.

Reasons to Go to Disneyland

And not just that, they also screen those classic cartoon movies which we loved – enjoy at the big screen with some great effects!

My Personal Favourite: The Castle

I am no different from your girl next door! This castle is dreamy, spiffy and iconic! Also, romantic. Yes, very romantic! 

Reasons to Go to Disneyland

That is all I have to share today! I am sure these are good enough reasons to go to Disneyland I will share my travel plan and the parks itinerary soon! Just FYI, I had spent 14 hours for 3 days in Disneyland and I think I still did not get enough!

Reasons to Go to Disneyland
Reasons to Go to Disneyland

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  1. I must admit I was equally mesmerised by the fantasy of this magical land when we visited last year. Its a great place for kids but truly equally fun for adults . you can re live your childhood. what a place – expensive but you tend to experience it once in a lifetime so worth it.

  2. Wow, who would have known that Disneyland was just as great for adults as it was for kids? Thanks for sharing!

  3. I have been to Disney World but never Disneyland. I would love to go. And I would love to see California.

  4. You are so lucky. I would love to visit this place as an adult! Yet, your review and pics make me feel like I’m already there.

  5. is an amazing and very interesting experience..I loved the first saying that is Adults are just obsolete children and the hell with them…totally agree with all is awesome..Great work…

  6. Last year we are all set to visit Disneyland but due to some family issues we cancelled our plan. But will surely going to visit disneyland may be next year. If things will go smooth. Thanks for sharing all the details and sharing your experience with us

  7. Disneyland is one of a good place to visit and I am sure you will enjoy everything in this place whether you are an adults or a kids.
    One of the magical place that I would love to visit over and over again.

  8. I have 3 sons that have their birthdays within a week of each other. One year we went to Disney World for their birthday. It was the best ever-for adults and kids! I’m glad you had a wonderful birthday! Hopefully once it opens again you will be able to do it again. 🙂

  9. ha oh i couldn’t agree more ! i haven’t been an as an adult to Disneyland but i went to Disneyworld a few years ago and had a blast!

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