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Before we jump onto this super easy beer cocktail, Happy National Iced Tea Day!

I talked about some amazing beer facts last week. June is the peak summertime, and some really cold iced drinks are never going to harm anyone!

I enjoy iced teas – in a lot of flavours. Spiking it with lighter alcohol is absolutely a desirable idea. Many of you might call this easy cocktail a flavourful variation of Summer Shandy – but trust me, you will love it! Maybe you can try making it with Summer Shandy and let me know the result!

Being an Indian, I always have black tea in my house. Brewing a fresh cup of ice tea is an easy task, but I have shared the recipe here as well. Also, I am sticking to the primary lemon flavour. You can try it with many summer fruits like mango and peaches.

Sweetest Beer Cocktail

Beer cocktails are fun to make. And they are refreshing too, it goes without saying. Hope you enjoy making this one! The only thing that matters here is the ratio, as always!

For this cocktail, the ratio of sweet tea to beer is 2:1. And this works the best for my taste buds. You can change it to 1:1, but then beer overpowers the sweet taste of ice tea and lemon, and this might not be the best concoction for a summer afternoon!

Drink responsibly. Don’t drink and drive.

  1. Where have I been? I’ve never heard of a beer cocktail before. It seems refreshing and I’m willing to give it a try and concoct one in the kitchen!

  2. This sounds amazing, we are going camping this weekend and this will be a perfect drink in the hot afternoon sun.

  3. this looks and sounds so delicious. I can’t drink right now because im pregnant but I will definitely save this recipe.

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