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No summer is complete without beer. And no Texan summer is complete without some frozen or on the rocks margarita. I never imagined that these two can be combined. It’s not possible for me even in the wildest of the dreams. But, now, I can very well tell you that this is the easiest beer cocktail you can come across! And it goes without saying, it is the must summer beer cocktail.

Before we proceed, I hope you liked this post about some amazing beer facts from around the world.

Beer Cocktail: Beer with a Twist!

My first meal in Texas consisted of tacos and margarita. And from that very moment, I knew I am going to be a proud Texan! I recently made this beergarita and I instantly knew that I have to share this here! Zero effort and hundred percent taste – with so much of happy high – I don’t think there is any cocktail I have shared on my blog so far that is this satisfying,

As promised, all the cocktails I share here is super easy to make. All you need is lemonade, slightly on the sweeter side because we are using both beer and tequila. Take care of the ratio. I am sharing the measurements which works best for me.

I am using the classic lemon flavour. You can may be add some mango or strawberry for a twist in your beloved beergarita. I hope you enjoy this cocktail, just ass I did!

Mixing alcohol in random amount is not a good idea. So is mixing with drinking with driving. Be responsible.

  1. oh wow it is completely a different and an amazing idea indeed..am glad you shared this idea with us really found it very useful and helpful indeed…

  2. Very interesting to see beer combined with a margarita. We have been trying different cocktails recently. I will add this one to the list.

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