Midweek Happy Hour | 10 Beer Facts that are not Intoxicating!

I don’t think any year, summers feel complete without chugging a mug of cold beer while sitting by the pool or the beach! I am back with Midweek Happy Hour and this month we are going to make some super easy summer cocktails with beer! Okay, I get it. You enjoy your beer unadulterated but trust me, some beer cocktails are worth a try. But first, let us explore beer a bit – some beer facts and some astonishing history about this elixir from around the world!

After I moved to the US, I realized that if we were to evaluate the alcoholic beverage market, then beer would have been the national drink than bourbon. According to USA Today, the beer market stands at more than $100B – that is only craft beer! Also, beer is the third most popular drink on the Earth, after water and tea. 

Photo by Dave Weatherall on Unsplash

Here are some super exciting beer facts that I came across while reading stuff on the internet or while travelling around the world, trying to chug as many beers as I can! 

The Czech Republic consumes the most extensive per capita beer.

And this explains such dedicated museums in the capital city! It is 143.3 L of beer per person per year (Source)

Beer Facts | Prague Beer Museum
Beer Facts | Prague Beer Museum

Beer facts: Strongest beer

Snake Venom is the strongest beer in the world. It has 67.5% alcohol by volume

You can fry beer too!

Texas is a land that will never fail to amaze meBeer is the only alcoholic that has been deep-fried and enjoy as a popular snack. It was invented by Mark Zable, who debuted his award-winning creation at the Texas State Fair in 2010. Yes, it’s a snack made by dunking a puff filled with beer in hot oil!

Beer bottle building?

The spellbinding temple in Thailand, Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew (Wilderness Temple of the Great Glass Pagoda), is made up of 1.5 Million beer bottles – a thing I learned during my first ever trip to a foreign land.

Beer and Science

Moderate beer consumption can help in preventing osteoporosis as it is a rich source of silicon! (Source)

Zythology is the study of beer – yes, it’s a thing.

Beer Facts: Good for hair!

Beer is an extremely mild and effective hair conditioner! And it’s a tried and tested thing – I have used beer to wash my hair after spending summery afternoons in sandy beaches. No frizz!

Beer to go?

McDonald’s’ in many European countries serve beer! Now, that is a perfect fast food joint!

Let’s talk about the history of beer!

Some archaic beer fact! Beer dates back to 3500 BC! I am not kidding. Iran has shown the earliest shreds of evidence of beer crafting.

Let’s incentivise alcoholics!

And finally, something that I learned in Netherland. Amsterdam Government gives alcoholic people incentives to clean the streets – five cans of beers, cigarettes and 11 Euros. It wanted to show that even alcoholics can be productive for a nation.

Next week, I will be sharing this super amazing and easy beer cocktail. Till then, happy chuggin’, mate! 

  1. I always justify drinking with “in moderation. Haha! I used to drink beer but since I had kids, I shifted to wine lol

  2. Funny read! I never ecountered beer at a Mcdonalds in Europe. Have lived in a few European countries and have never seen that…intersting!

  3. I knew that beer is most drunk after tea and water but I did not know so many facts about it.

  4. One way to know a place is being gentrified is to see if there are any craft breweries along the way. I love how they upcycled the beer bottles to build the Wilderness Temple of the Great Glass Pagoda.

  5. I don’t drink that is why I don’t have any idea about it but I am happy knowing new things about beers.
    Thank you!

  6. I knew beer was popular but didn’t realize it was the #3 drink!!! I am not much of a fan of beer, but my adult kids are very into craft beers and trying new and different ones.

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