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I think summers are the best time to enjoy cocktails! Cocktails can be made flavourful and refreshing. And summers are the best time to get some excellent fresh fruity flavours. And it’s my commitment to bring the easiest of the cocktails to you. Beer cocktails are the most difficult to work with. In Layman’s term, the foam is not comfortable to “shake” a cocktail per se. Also, there are so many varieties of beer and not every type is suitable for mixing with other flavours.

I mostly like lagers, and I am used to working with them. I am not even sure if you can use the darker varieties for making cocktails. Never tried them, but maybe I will someday.

What is even more difficult is that with beer, you have limited flavours to work with. Lemon goes with beer invariable, and that is why my previous beer cocktails had lemon in them – Iced Tea Lager and Beergarita.

Why this fruity beer cocktail?

When I went to Prague, I visited this Beer Museum, and I was in awe of the possible flavours of beer it had to offer. Since then, I have literally searched for mango beer in every place. For me, mango works with beer.

I decided to make it at home. Of course, when you ferment the flavours together, that is probably the only way to get flavoured beer. But I am sharing a quick fix.

I don’t know if mango juice works – I think its too flowy consistency and dilutes the beer. But that is my take. You can try that and let me know in the comment section!

Drink responsibly. Don’t mix drinking with driving.

Photo by Branimir Petakov on Unsplash

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