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Around The World Through My Lens

By Jyoti Jha

While I struggled to find some different books to read this year, the Blogchatter had planned a great program to help budding writes. The Blogchatter Ebook Carnival 2020 brought together 63 authors, from various genre, who published their ebooks in May 2020. It’s a plethora of authors – first-timers, experienced, different backgrounds.

The first book I picked up is this one by Jyoti Jha. You can download the book here, it’s free for a limited time.

Book Review | Around The World Through My Lens by Jyoti Jha

Before I share my opinion, as I do in every book review, I will like to talk a little about the author. I will be following this format for every book review I write for any book published during this carnival. 

About the Author: Jyoti Jha

This travel enthusiast is a professional content writer and is also the winner of TOI Write India Season 3. In her own words, “her passion for expressing through words, an observational nature, and intensive listening skills motivated her to embark on her second inning in the field of creative and content writing”. I wouldn’t disagree with any of it after reading her book. I feel the best authors are those who give you a peek into their personality with their writing, and Jyoti has done this job with finesse.

You can find her on TwitterInstagram, and she blogs at My Views and Reviews.

My Opinion on Around The World Through My Lens

As I mentioned that Jyoti has a lot of experience in writing, you can surely expect the book to be well articulated while being informative at the same time.

I have always been that kind of a traveller who loves to do her research before she travels anywhere. Now, my research is never around the history or beauty of the place I would like to go, but entirely from a tourist’s point of view. Around The World Through My Lens serves the purpose too well!

Around The World Through My Lens starts with this fantastic line:

Travelling teaches beyond books..originates memories and leaves footprints…

Indeed! Travelling has taught me more than my 20 years of education. And the author comes from a considerable background of experiences which she has gathered from around the globe – from India to the US to Eastern European Countries. Picking this book up during the present COVID19 situation is the best decision ever. And the fact that this book touches such versatile collection of landscapes, architecture and history of the world, makes it a perfect book to flip through during your work breaks or a breezy read while enjoying a hot cup of coffee.

It is always a good idea to read about a traveller’s experience than the tourism sites because you connect well. Also, I was amazed to learn about a lot of places which I did not know existed even though I have lived there, during some point in my life!

I assure you that you won’t feel bored at any point during your journey. There are a lot of pictures in the book, Around The World Through My Lens, keeping the journey vibrant and engaging. However, I do feel that I would have appreciated some larger images. But I understand the constraint on the size of the book. I don’t feel I have any critical feedback to give because I enjoyed reading the book a lot!

Utilizing this space for shamelessly promoting my book, which I also published during the Blogchatter Ebook carnival. Read it here before it’s gone. Share some love and feedback! If you loved the April A to Z series on the blog, you would like this book even more! 

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  1. Thankyou so much Sushmita 😊 for taking your time out, reading and reviewing my book. I feel so humbled and grateful. Your lovely feedback just made my day, and I am so elated that my book was the first you picked up. 🙏 Thanks a ton.

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