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I talked about the complete lexicon of American English and how is pose as a threat to my identity at times.

Now let us talk about pronunciation. The Indian accent and the intonation are far better and clear. There, I said it. It is made fun of, yes, but I have observed that even the Americans don’t understand their pronunciation and accent.

The last alphabet is called “Zee”. This is the least annoying thing. The annoyance starts when you will notice that people around you won’t say the “T” in “exactly”. Then, things get worse when J.K Rowling is no longer Rowling here but Rolling.

When they say it, Iraq sound more like an apple product – I am not making it up. It’s funny, but I have picked up some of the pronunciation to make myself more comprehendible. For example, “hobby” is “haa-bee”. Oh yes, one more. Mobile is no longer mob-aisle but mo-bul.

And not just that, some of the words are differently pronounced when you move from the east coast to the west coast or from the midwest to the southern states. I mean, for a linguistically diverse country like India, I can still accept the heavy accent as you move from north to south, but for the same language, I fail to understand how these people have managed to do this.

For example, people from the midwest pronounce Texas with a “z”. The word ‘aunt’ is marked as ‘ant’ by the southerners. But you will find people saying it as rhyming with ‘daunt’. The list of such words is endless.

And folks, with this rant, my series comes to an end. I enjoyed writing it. I loved pouring my heart out. What are your thoughts about this series?

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  1. I feel so sorry for foreigners who have to deal with how we speak English over here. English is already a confusing language and then you have all the different pronunciations and accents in certain parts of the US lol

  2. Thanks for the relatable share, I grew up in the US too after living in Europe and Africa:) At the end of the day we all have accents even American’s

  3. I totally feel you here, but I’ve learnt that accents legit tell you which state the American speaker is from and it’s very fascinating to me. It’s alot like learning different forms of English lol.

    1. Hehehehe! Yes! And it’s pretty difficult to understand when you are very new! 😀

  4. Great points! It can be a little confusing that different places pronounce words differently but even if it sounds differently usually we can understand each other if we focus on the content of the conversation.

  5. It is fascinating to me how common all these issues are across the immigrant communities. What is even more fascinating is the feeling when all these obstacles are overcome.

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