Life of an Indian Immigrant in the USA | Weird is ‘Normal’

I have shared a few interesting facts about the US. Yes, they are pretty fascinating initially, but once they start to grow on you, you realize it’s a peculiar way of living. I am sorry, I am struggling hard to adapt to this ‘normal’. Thank God to the Hollywood movies that my lexicon was rich enough to move here and not be taken aback by language here. However, using them in your daily life is an entirely different thing.  

The entire world uses a different dictionary, and the US has it’s own. Talking to people becomes one hell of a task – both here and then back home. I suffer from a severe identity crisis! 

  • I don’t see why a chicken burger is called a sandwich. A sandwich is a sandwich. Just because the burger doesn’t contain the authentic beef patty, you can not snatch the identity of the burger! 
  • Crosswalk and sidewalks are used to sound cool – I have concluded this
  • Notes/currency is called bills. Why?
  • Vest and waistcoat are mainly the same things
  • Apartment and community for flats/houses and societies

Oh, yes, and the pronunciations. We will come to that too! 

Not just that, some of the British English words have completely different meaning the version of the language used here!

Enough about the language, there are certain things which are extremely weird. A large and bottomless serving of soda with every meal is very bothersome. They don’t seem to care about their health at all! Talking of food, the super-size of meals at every eat – out is very surprising for someone who comes from a third world country.  

The US doesn’t use the metric system, and this is not just complicated but irrational! And, it’s not even the Imperial system completely. Grocery shopping and cooking is a task. Also, what is with the date? MM/DD/YYYY. Why? 

The most legit weather discussion with a stranger is a mental task for me. Celsius is a pretty easy unit for measuring temperature – just saying. Fahrenheit doesn’t make the hot weather ‘cool’. It just normalizes a massive number like 100!

Okay, it might be friendly, but I find smiling at stranger pretty creepy. But yes, that is probably the least weird thing I have adapted to. 

Fun fact: Lawyer, sorry, attorney advertisements are ubiquitous in the US. Huge hoarding of divorce and criminal lawyers adorn the highways and the streets! 

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