Modern Bride’s Diary | 5 Reasons Why I Opted for a Post-Wedding Photoshoot

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Pre-wedding photoshoot was in rage when I got married. And it’s not something I find pointless. If it makes one happy, they should do it. However, I knew its not my thing! What makes me feel a li’l awkward about pre-wedding shoots is that they look pretty made up – they lack originality. But that is entirely my stand. I don’t despise pre-wedding shoots. 

However, I knew that I will be going to some really cliched(because bae is super dramatic) yet picturesque place for my honeymoon. So, I decided to go for a lovely photoshoot there. I vaguely had this idea.

Now, why did I have this idea? Why did I decide not to have a pre-wedding photoshoot? There are multiple reasons for it.

  • As I said, to me, they look pretty made up. 
  • Wedding preparation is already very stressful and hectic. I am sure I would have taken it up as another wedding project and wouldn’t have enjoyed it – at all
  • Going to an exotic location before the wedding – that too, for another “project” did not seem logical to me. I would instead relax than running around on holiday for taking pictures that are supposed to look perfect
  • The moment you tell your photographer that it’s a pre-wedding shoot, the budget automatically shoots up. And I have already talked about how I feel about extravagance during weddings!

Post-wedding photoshoot are a better deal. Here is why –

  • You are pretty relaxed because the wedding is finally done. The love comes out naturally because you ain’t thinking about anything else. And that emotion is beautifully captured!
  • If you decide to get a photoshoot done at your honeymoon destination, the beauty is different
  • Finding a photographer is not a big deal. Trust me, Instagram helps you find very reasonable photographers of the exact place where you want to get clicked. They are affordable and local, so they take you around some really great places. Having said that, just find some credible accounts and don’t just book someone who looks suspicious
  • Having a photoshoot on your honeymoon is a better way of preserving the memories than selfies and random clicks by strangers
  • No hair and no make-up were needed! That was such a relief after having all those decked up pictures from the wedding

Post Wedding Photoshoot in budget

The last destination of our dream trip to Greece was Santorini. Cliched, remember? We decided to stay in Oia, the most picturesque town of Santorini and get a photoshoot done.

Post Wedding Photoshoot!

I had found this account on Instagram, who was really helpful. I booked them after landing in Greece – so, not a lot of planning went into it. They are affordable with a reasonable 90-minute session for $400 with all pictures(we had around 600) and 23 images with colour correction and 6 photographs with retouching. Of course, you have different options of opting for exotic dresses and hair and make-up too.

Not just that, if you go to top-rated destinations, you will find photographers who are really affordable and can click pictures without prior bookings. 

I decided to write about this adventure as well before I post the travelogue of the final destination of my dream trip to Greece

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  1. These pictures are awesome. Along with Pre-Wedding Photography we should also consider post wedding. They are more memorable. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think your photos are gorgeous your decision to have the shoot after the wedding rather than before is brilliant. It shows in the relaxed body language and smiles. I’m glad read this now after checking out Santorini accommodations online last week and have decided to go next summer. It’s a pity you didn’t put a link for the photographer that you used.

  3. Such a beautiful and stunning shots you have. Greece Santorini is a perfect spot to take for a wedding photo shoot.

  4. Oh, I do love this idea of post wedding photos. Plus how can you go wrong with a Greece setting. Just beautiful!!!!

  5. I kid you not when I say Santorini is on my bucket list! Great idea about your photos. They turned out well

  6. That really looks amazing photo shoot. Love the place, view, angle and ofcourse the direction of photography

  7. The photos are stunning. why not since it only happens mostly once in a lifetime and it’ll be easy to go back to if its here. right? nice job.

  8. These photographs looks super amazing and stunning…you both looks perfect in them.. a pre wedding photoshoot is an amazing idea to capture thousand s of moments..loved it..

  9. Great ideas with very mesmerizing photo shoot on a dream place like Greece is so marvelous.

  10. I love that idea! No one seems to do that! Honeymoons and right after getting married are important parts in our relationships – so why no thave professional photos done!

  11. What a fabulous idea! I got married in 2003 in Argentina and pre-wedding photo shooting weren’t really a thing. We had the wedding photos of course, but never thought of a photo shoot like this! We’ve been married for almost 17 years this shooting would be great for us!

  12. That’s actually a lovely idea! I would have never thought of this but it makes sense as it can capture the couple being relaxed and just enjoying themselves.

  13. Aww what a fantastic idea! I am surprised I have never heard of anyone doing this before because it makes so much sense. I don’t really understand the point of a pre-wedding shoot to be honest, why not just wait till the wedding? But this idea I love, great way to capture all the memories of the honeymoon but without the pressure and nervousness you feel on the big day.

  14. Those are great photos! What a great idea to do a photo shoot like this. My husband and I got married on our own in Mexico and it would have been nice to have some extra photos while we were there.

  15. I totally feel you on the post wedding photoshoot. It’s more fun, much less pressure and you get to just be you and your love goofing off. No one to remind you of the need to have ‘ wedding official’ pictures. Also I love your pics, you guys look so free, happy and cool.

  16. The pictures are beautiful! I don’t blame you for waiting for that gorgeous view to have your pictures done.

  17. The pictures were great! I love it. Very simple and there’s that strong emotion involves in all of it. Emotions of love and commitment. It is really nice. Great work!

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