Life of an Indian Immigrant in the USA | Video Calls

Okay, I agree – this is the way of life now!

But for every migrant and immigrant, the importance of video calls will remain constant, with or without COVID. Also, “V” is a problematic alphabet, so I decided to come up with a more general topic. 

I am not going to deny that my use of video call increased by many folds after I moved here. It was my way of dealing with the separation anxiety. For me, nothing has changed even now. The only thing that has changed that I have started receiving more video calls than ever before. And I am not complaining! 

Video calls are such a lifesaver. No matter how much I have to crib about the technology screwing up with my privacy, I can not thank it enough every day for making video conversations possible. There is not a single day when I don’t think about the first-generation immigrants, who came leaving behind everything and relied heavily upon the snail mails. Can you imagine sending pictures and updates via postal services and then waiting for days for the reply to follow? Even the thought of it gives my mild panic attacks. 

I am an excessive user of video call services. WhatsApp and Facetime are my favourites. I never imagined I would be making my parents learn this advanced technology at this age. Teaching them the art of holding the phone while video calling will happen soon. Living miles away from them was never on my bucket list. Wait, I never had a bucket list. But yes, it was never part of the plan. 

It is a relief to be able to see people while you talk to them. It gives a sense of security – fake or not. It brings you closer. We never used video calling as our solace when I and bae were in a long-distance relationship because taking a 2 hours flight was always an option. I had taken so many things for granted in my life! *sigh*

I am grateful for being born in times when this is possible, no matter what we all are going through right now!

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