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The obsession with toilet paper is real!

And it’s not just during the COVID situation when the hoarding of toilet paper by the Americans became international headlines. Still, in general, the use of toilet paper is abnormally high. For that matter, any kind of paper towel is overused here.

I am not in favour of hoarding or panic buying anything, not even toilet paper. Period.

I have talked about my initial predicament of using toilet paper instead of water. It’s uncomfortable, but eventually, you get used to it. However, I never thought that I would be having a preference when choosing toilet paper.

Yes, I have a favourite brand. Also, I know the brands which I will never use – I would instead use a leaf or maybe a sock! Man, that imagination is wild! But yes, toilet paper is pretty important! 

Toilet Paper in the US

Here are a few things I observed and have benchmarked while shopping for toilet papers. I have not invested so much time in deciding on my favourite brand of milk or bread. But toilet paper got all my attention! 

While the single-ply or 2- ply or 3- ply are the most commonly heard about toilet paper, there are some extraordinary varieties which will make you believe that toilet rolls are indeed a big deal! There is this particular variety called luxurious toilet paper – lotioned, perfumed or quilted. No, we aren’t talking about face wipes – just arse wipes. Also, you can not keep increasing the number of plies to increase softness. Clogging of toilets in a land where plumbers are scarce is a nightmare! 

Now, a substantial amount of your monthly household budget goes into wiping your butt. The struggle becomes real when you are torn between being sustainable and being cost-effective while maintaining the sanctity of your bottom. Go environment friendly and choose unbleached and natural paper. They are cheap but unfriendly to your butt. You can switch to bamboo paper because they are both sustainable and soft, but they will increase your budget. Not just these, but there is a coloured variety of toilet paper too. I am sure I am never going to use them! 

Toilet paper becomes an integral part of your life when you are in any western land where bidets are not an option! You might say that installing a bidet is a good option – but the physics behind it is a different story altogether. You can divert the water supply, but you can not control the water pressure! 

Fun fact: If you ain’t finicky, there is no right way of putting the toilet role. I, however, put up with a person who is finicky as hell. So, there is a right way of putting the toilet roll.

I am the third one.
  1. The toilet roll situation has been crazy here in the uk for sure. Just not seen anything like it x

    1. Hahahahaha! Its same in the US. We did not get any toilet paper for the first 3 weeks of the outbreak.

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