Life of an Indian Immigrant in the USA | Quick Fixes

Or as we call it, jugaad! 

Man, I miss jugaads! It is not something dependent on a place, though. Indians can do jugaads anywhere! For example, the toilets in the US don’t have bidets. Now, you will see many Indians have fixed that with an attachment. We haven’t done anything because ours is a rented apartment. Even if it wasn’t, I don’t think I would have done that unless I had built a house from scratch. You can not just do anything without violating some guideline or the other. And I am terrified of that! 

Remember, how I talked about services being pretty expensive here? You can deal with it when it comes to household chores. However, when you need expert help, that is when I miss India even more. Plumbers and electricians were so readily available in India. 

Buying furniture is a real pain. Back home, the expert assembly came free with the purchase. Even if not, you know you can quickly reach out to someone from the neighbourhood market, who can just help you with the assembly. Here the assembly of furniture – I am talking about the bigger things like couch and beds and cupboards – is a task with require expert knowledge and is expensive. And you can not find someone to quickly fix it for you. Initially, it looked enticing to build your own things – but it requires sweat and blood. And I know many of my friends have ruined the furniture while assembling. It happens. This thing is difficult. If I buy a $1000 couch, I might as well spend $100 on service of getting it installed in my place. But it’s usually $200-$250 which I right now feel is a li’l overboard. 

The good thing about this – we have learned to be more self-dependent. These might not be the skills required for survival, but surely there is no harm in knowing them! 

But then, there are other quick fixes here which are absolutely adorable and balances the things which are not there. Fast liquor deliveries, for example! 

This makes me miss India and thank the US at the same time. 

Featured Image: Photo by Cesar Carlevarino Aragon on Unsplash

    1. Absolutely! And I can not even put in words how much I miss these services! Doing household chores is not a task but building your own beds and furniture is a pain!

  1. Assembling furniture might be quite a challenging task! I do not envy you. That iconic scene in Friends where Chandler and Joey help Ross to assemble his new furniture comes to mind. 🙂

    1. Hahahahah! It is really like that! Except we don’t have friends who come over to help with the assembly – and you can really ruin the things while tightening the screws!

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