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It is a pretty interesting concept of how everything has its day here.

Honestly, I am not a fan of “days”. Many of the days are celebrated in India as well. However, I am amazed by the enthusiasm this place has for recognizing everything – right from cupcakes to cocktails to nurses to firefighters!

Every day is someday! When I came here, I did not know that the national days are of such importance! People here CELEBRATE. You will find a lot of donations and charity happening for better causes on these days. And some of the other days see a lot of appropriate decorations too!

My community distributes tacos, doughnuts, cakes and mimosas on their corresponding days. I find it very interesting the variety of things are recognized here. I am still not in a position to celebrate everything. But I absolutely feel that they indeed spread a lot of positivity.

For example, The National Bobblehead is a thing. It sounds funny, but it is cute in its way, and the pictures certainly bring a smile on one’s face. It is the strangest that I have come across so far.

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“Because no matter how small an act of kindness or generosity or simple positivity you put out into the world, it will make a difference.” – Wonder Woman It is really not difficult, is it? You see someone struggle, you cheer for them. You see someone do something new, you show your faith in them. Your small act of kindness can make a difference in someone’s small world. Spread some positivity and kindness this year, believe me, it will cone back to you, amplified. . . . . Also, the national days here are pretty amusing. Happy National Bobblehead Day. Yes, that is a thing. Prettiest Bobblehead, isn’t it? Here Iam, seen with the best wedding gift I received on my wedding. Thanks @harshit.kelkar for the only DC character I love and also for the entire Marvel universe! . . . . . #nationalbobbleheadday #bobblehead #wonderwoman #nationalholiday #actionfigure #dcuniverse #galgadot #austinblogger #atxblogger #kindness #positivity #love #selflove #instagood

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Have you heard of any such day which has taken you by surprise?

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