Life of an Indian Immigrant in the USA | KFC Vs. KFC

Okay, K was a problematic alphabet. I literally ran out of things which I haven’t talked about or have not planned to talk about in the future post. Thank you Roshan for giving this fantastic suggestion.

However, one thing that I haven’t really touched upon is the difference between the food chain franchise between India and anywhere in the world. KFC is just one of the many franchises I will be talking about today. It’s just that it starts with K and hence made it to the title. And all the American restaurant chains are a part of this list.

While travelling, of course, the stark difference between the McDonalds, KFC and a lot of other global food chains is something you will notice, get fascinated and then move on. But living with them is an entirely different thing and man, you will miss the Indian versions. 

The KFC zinger is one thing that I absolutely love about the Indian KFC. You won’t find them here. They have the American (and yes, the original) version called the Colonel which is not even 25% of what Zinger was all about. And no, there are no vegetarian options in KFC here either. 

Coming to the most sinful fast-food chain ever, McDonald’s was indeed my childhood favourite. Eventually, I grew out of it, and it became the last resort. Now, it’s not even my last resort. Why? First, the Big Mac is one of the tastiest things you will ever eat, and it’s addictive. And it’s beef, so I don’t think it’s the healthiest thing to indulge in. Second, chicken options are not as good. I can not never acquire the American taste of McDonald’s! McDonald’s is probably the most diversified restaurant chain. In Netherland, we came across the McKroket, which is burger buns surrounding the most popular local delicacy, Kroket. In London, there is a bacon sandwich, served with hashbrowns. How English can it get! In Thailand, the Samurai pork burger was indeed pretty impressive, and this was perhaps the first time I saw a pork patty in a burger. However, the same things also taste different in different countries – for example, the apple pie. I have had the best ones in Dubai and the worst ones in the US. Sometimes, I even miss McDonald’s of India. 

Dunkin Donuts is a disappointment too. I have never found Dunkin Donuts in the US as good as they were back home. Neither the doughnuts nor the coffee is as yummy as they are in India. And that is when America runs on Dunkin! Now, I don’t understand that how has DD in India has managed to outdo the US in something that is literally a western thing. Oh, wait, because even DD didn’t copy it correctly from the Dutch!

Finally, the most disappointing thing I have ever eaten here from a restaurant chain is the garlic bread by Dominos. Honestly, the one you get in India is pure indulgence. What you get here is a joke. I am not kidding. It was so bad that I had to bake it myself to satisfy my craving. I don’t indulge in cooking things which involves tricky baking, by the way. 

But everything is not just that bad. The pizzas by Dominos are better here. Burger King is better too. I think that’s it. I haven’t talked about Pizza Hut because I haven’t really had Pizza Hut here. Starbucks is pretty much the same. I mean I really did not find much of a difference in their coffee or cakes. 

America is indeed a paradise for junk food lovers. And also an eye-opener for people who are going through their quarter-life crisis – why eating at home is necessary for a healthier self and luxurious retirement! 

  1. I am a vegetarian so these fast food places don’t have many options of me. I don’t remember where I tasted that yummy Paneer Wrap in my last India trip and it was heaven, With all the flavors marrying each other and making a yummy blend was just amazing. Here, they stick to one particular taste and you will get the same taste every time you go. In India, may be, because we have chutneys, that makes the different. Different chutney, different flavor. I think, for people liking Indian flavors, Chuneys can never beat the dip we get ere.

  2. Wow. While I knew these franchises localized dishes to suit the country, didn’t think we’d reach a stage where we beat the original country of origin. And as you mentioned, this is in multiple franchises, not just kfc.

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