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I am not fascinated by supermarkets or any other grocery stores. Period.

I go to Wholefoods Market, I mean I used to go there when the times were good, to get the essentials. Wholefoods, H.E.B., Costco etc. are very fascinating, to be honest. But I feel the overstay in these stores a waste of times. 

However, I am going to talk about Indian supermarkets in this post. They are overwhelming. And if I am saying that, it means that they really are overwhelming. I have been there once or maybe twice and decided not to go there any more. It is not because I end up buying a lot of things, but it is because it’s bae’s Disneyland. And honestly, I can not spend so much time in each alley of the store, at all! I think the Indian Supermarket in my neighbourhood is probably the reason why bae is not homesick. This is the place you should take your parents to when they visit you. Forget about Niagra, this is what they will enjoy!

I will tell you the reasons why it is like a paradise for any Indian:

  • It brings back the essence of India – Indian cashier, Indian staff to help you around and Indian languages all around
  • You won’t feel like you are in some phoren land. They even serve freshly made chai – samosa
  • You will find things, very Indian things, which you wouldn’t have seen even in India. For example, they have frozen delectable (from bread to Indian snacks to curries) by Haldiram’s. You will find infinite flavours of Maggi Noodles here as well
  • All fresh Indian vegetables which are difficult to find in other stores like fresh okra, tori, green chillies etc. are available here. You will not usually find them fresh in stock anywhere else but mostly cut and frozen
  • Dairy items like ghee(clarified butter), paneer(cottage cheese) and dahi(yoghurt) made with different level of fat in them. That is very fancy. But they taste exactly like the Indian varieties, from the Indian brands. The U.S. stores don’t offer that

I have seen people go crazy here. And I don’t blame them at all. I don’t think I have ever seen so much variety in any Indian store, even hypermarkets, back home!

The only downside of these stores is that you have to be very careful while buying anything. Mostly things come without an expiry date. You have to search for the things which have the expiry date. Not just that, many of the items are expired, and they are still on the shelves for sale. Just be a careful buyer, don’t just flow with your desi emotions!

If you are interested, here is the story of one of the largest Indian Supermarket chain in the U.S. Gujaratis have the right sense of business!

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