Life of an Indian Immigrant in the USA | Homesickness

Being a new immigrant, homesickness is something I experience as frequently as I PMS.

But I guess people who are living here for a long time are homesick too. There are different stages of homesickness though.

Usually, Indian families are very close-knit. For us, moving out of the house and moving so far-away is really a big deal. And thus, Indians tend to get homesick on more occasions than an immigrant from any other country I have lived with my parents for 28 years, by choice. Though I had friends who moved to different cities and I had the opportunities too, I chose my happiness of living with my parents over everything. And I don’t regret any of my decisions at all.

For me, moving here became even bigger a deal because I suffer from anxiety. Separating from my home, my family, instigated some deep-seated fear and I am always in a state of worry. But I think we shall not talk about it here – that calls for a whole new post.

Homesickness kicks in during the weirdest of the scenario for me. I am not homesick during festivals but I am homesick when I eat Indian food. I am not homesick when I talk to my parents but I am homesick when I watch the 9 PM news. I am homesick when I can not watch Hotstar India on VPN.

Initially, I was more prone to the distressful thoughts because I had left my job as well. Eventually, as things settled, I had milder episodes of homesickness where good food or good movie would help in the situation. However, there are certain things for I miss my home unconditionally, but that doesn’t mean I am homesick.

Also, for me, being homesick doesn’t mean that I want to go back home. I have told myself that going home so frequently will not help me settling down here. Yes, I travelled back home twice in 6 months last year. But for bae, homesickness is actually about booking tickets to India. When he is homesick, he plans a trip to India. But he is usually never homesick. And whenever I sense that he might be acting up because missing home, I feed him. He is all fine! Also, for him, homecoming(going?) is a big deal!

However, if you suffer from extreme emotions, irritability and unfamiliar triggers, seek help. Homesickness is not supposed to overstay its welcome.

Featured Image: Photo by Yuris Alhumaydy on Unsplash

  1. Firstly, hope you and your family are fine during the lockdown …we are getting all kinds of news about US. Please take care.
    Loved your post, especially the part where you mentioned that feeling homesick doesn’t mean you want to run home.

    Warm hugs. Take care.

    #DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter #BlogchatterA2Z

  2. I’m no immigrant but when I used to visit my daughter in the US, I would get lonely more than homesick when she went to work leaving me alone in the house .

  3. That last line is gold. I recall some of your anxieties in the past leaving the nest. 🙂

    Over here, it’s been weird. I’ve spent so long away from home that at some level it’s tough to find a way back mentally as well as (thanks to corona now) physically

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