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More than 30% of the US adult population (CDC, 2018) is suffering from obesity. Yet, after moving here, I was taken by surprise with the number of efforts people put in here towards their fitness regime.

Early mornings or early evenings, you will always find jogging on the sidewalks. Not just that, I have not seen a single “obese” or “over-weight” American in the gym in any city I have visited! And the gyms are always overwhelmingly occupied. By the way, from the same CDC source, 28% of the Americans are physically inactive. Just saying!

Also, I have seen the older population to be fitter. Most of my gym classmates and trainers are 50+ in age! And, I observed that people are very enthusiastic about doing outdoor activities more than anywhere else. They go hiking a lot. They train for years to do some difficult treks – that too as families! You don’t see many Indian families do that – or the 60+ population doing that either.

I went to Yosemite National Park on a bright sunny day, and I was amazed to see the number of people hiking towards the Half Dome, which by the way, is an arduous trek with an average time of 12 hours. You will see people coming as families to do the trek. It is a surprising thing to see.

I am particularly very inspired by the efforts people put here towards their fitness and health in general. I have adopted a healthier way of living. Otherwise, I don’t think I would have been keeping up with working out even during this time when I can be as lazy as I wish to be!

Though eating habits and obesity are different topics altogether to talk about, there is one thing I want to mention here. Food habits of Americans are poor. Everything is just sweet. And fried. And cheesy. However, the Food and Drug Administration or the FDA has made it mandatory for every restaurant to put the calorie count against every item on the menu. This is done in an attempt to improve food habits. I haven’t done my proper research on it to know how well this rule has performed. However, I can assure you that it not only fascinated me, but it made my food habits healthier. I have stopped eating most of the fast-food (unless, of course, some hormonal impulsive kicks in) and check the nutrition chart of everything that I buy.

I think it is far more fascinating than I thought it would be to see everyone so active around me!

Featured Image: Photo by Derick McKinney on Unsplash

  1. It’s the food habits that affects our health to a great extent. In Indian cooking, we use ghee but it is good for our health in many ways. These days, people avoid ghee thinking that it will be additional fat anything in moderation is never bad. Same goes for cheese.

  2. That’s nice of them to actually put up a board with calorie count (at the risk of losing potential customers!). I have always wondered whether everyone goes jogging after seeing that trend being depicted in many series and movies.

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