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An organized neighbourhood, organized way of life, organized etiquettes – you name it, and everything is way too organized than you can imagine.

While in most cities in India, you will find independent houses without a resident’s welfare association, and here the neighbourhoods are mostly organized – with schools, supermarkets and hospitals in close vicinity of every residential area. Not just that, you can not send your kids to any school – you have to stay in the neighbourhood of the school. I think this is a fantastic thing.

Not just that, the Government offices – no matter whose the office it is – are highly systematic. And these arrangements are I believe a high point of almost every first world country.

In general, everything is so in order – people stand in a queue, they drive in lanes and under speed limits, they park their cars as a civilized race. In short, it is a paradise for perfectionists. Though I feel, after the present-day COVID situation, social distancing will be the norm, and the civilized way of living will prevail!

I love this! While travelling, of course, many countries appeared to be more organized in many ways – but to draw a comparison, you have to live at a place for sure!

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