Life of an Indian Immigrant in the USA | Chores and More

So, here is the whole post in one line – Your quarantine life is our regular life!

Every immigrant from India in any first world country can relate to this particular post.

Honestly, I was a brat before I got married. I never had to worry about cooking because my mom would always do that. Cleaning my room just meant organizing my study table and my cupboard – that would happen once in a month. And laundry? I was pretty convinced that my laundry is done by some little elves. And even after I got married, I think my life would have remained the same had I not moved here.

It is overwhelming at first to get used to a lifestyle where you are doing each and everything in your house. But then, you realize that it is your own house – so why not!

Not being able to have maid was surprising at first, but the general lifestyle of people here is so inspiring that I decided never to complain about it. People here do everything on their own – and they have a very scheduled lifestyle in general which I don’t think is possible for our generation. Like here, I mean Austin, everyone lives life like my dad – get up on time, move your butts by following an exercising routine, do some chores (yes, he or my mother are not very dependent on the maids), go to work, come back, chill, invest in hobbies and sleep. And that is very inspiring.

People here even build their own houses! They just do everything – not just the basic chores but making their own home decors, gardening etc.

You can, of course, get maids here. But the cost of services is very high. It’s right in a way, people value your skills and time both in this country. We shall talk about it in some other post soon. So, getting a maid for cooking might cost around $35-40 an hour. Similarly, if you opt for cleaning, it is mostly rated at per square feet of area. And it is not CHEAP, even if you tend to get it done twice a day. For a house of my size, it’s like $100 per session.

Even if I can afford that I think I prefer things being done my way. And I have never had any experience in working with maids even back home, so I don’t even know how you are supposed to ask someone to get your work done.

Life seems more sorted when you do your own chores. It never feels like a pain. Both of us do our own chores, we don’t really depend on each other for finishing off the cleaning or doing our dishes or getting our meals on time. This is one good thing about life here which I absolutely love. 

But now that you know what is life without a maid, you would agree that it is not as difficult as it seemed.

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    1. Hai na? So, when I used to tell my friends that this sudden change of doing everything on my own – they used to mock me and say things like I am being a brat! I can not tell you the sadistic pleasure that this is giving me!

  1. Omg! Lockdown is difficult enough without my maid. I can’t imagine having to sweep, mop and do all the cleaning only by myself forever. I used to be a brat too back at my home. Since I moved out into a different city, I have started being more responsible. But luckily for me, maids are much more economical out here. Btw, I suffer from ADCD too. 😀 I loved all the memes.

    1. Hahahaha! I know right! I don’t think I would have been doing so much work if I was in India. But now it has like become a part of life – like sleeping, eating and working. Now, I don’t have to make time to do anything, it has automatically embedded in my schedule now! And ADCD is the modern day problem! Thanks for your lovely comment!

  2. It was so good to learn about your life.
    The first week of lockdown, it was pretty difficult to do the household chores but now things have become better. I have learnt so much.

    1. I know right! And it is a good thing if many of the basic chores get inculcated in your daily schedule. The quarantine will make all of us a better person and totally self-dependent!

  3. Totally agree with you. Can relate with your post 🙂
    Had to do all the work when I was there.
    Things are easier here in India when we get support.
    But, now with the lockdown, everyone needs to do their own chores.
    Stay home. Stay safe.

    1. Hehehehe! Things are really easy in India. But the lockdown will definitely make everyone more self-dependent and empathetic towards our houses helps.

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