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Amidst the COVID 19 fear and the restrictions on travel, I think it is a good idea to tell travel stories. And also, a good time to research well for your next holidays! Start planning and preparing your itinerary so that the only thing you have to do is just book your flights and hotels. Travelling to Mykonos was definitely a great decision – a cosmopolitan island with loads of things to discover!

Let us wait out while praying for the virus to subside!

This is the best time to start planning your trip to Greece! And if you are thinking of including Mykonos, yes, no time is better than planning now! July and August are the months when Mykonos is crazy expensive, and I am not exaggerating! It’s better to plan ahead! If you need help in planning your Greece trip, here is my post for that! Also, I have already shared my Athens itinerary here.

Church in Mykonos

Mykonos is the Ibiza of Greece – it is the party capital and a hub for the rich and the ultrarich! I have heard, from the locals, that during the peak season it’s crowded and happening. I went there in April and most of the “happening” night clubs were closed. Most places have started off with the renovation to welcome tourists for the season.

Before giving you a brief about my stay and travel in Mykonos, here are few tips, specific to this island:

  1. Make sure to not to drink the tap water here. Bottled water is the best thing!
  2. Get your IDP (International Driving Permit) in place. Renting a car or a quad bike is the way to move around if you want to go far off places!
  3. Walking around the lanes of Mykonos town is a good idea but be careful with your stuff
  4. Cash is king, again!

We left Athens early in the morning and took our ferry towards Mykonos. The Seajet ferries are the fastest( around 1 hour 15 minutes), on time and affordable ($82 per person). These rides are comfortable too!

Once you deboard at the Mykonos New Port, you will see the taxis lined up (or the hotel shuttles, if you have booked any). We took a cab to our hotel. We booked this quaint li’l hotel called the Hotel Mykonos Adonis (oh, yes! the name – so honeymoon-ish) and it is roughly around $100 per night.

The reasons we booked it was good enough for three night. One, It’s proximity to the Mykonos town. Two, it was hardly a few steps away from the beach. The front desk and the hospitality were terrific here and finally, the authentic, yet light breakfast here won our hearts! Also, we were given an early check-in too! And this is no sponsored review! 

The view from the room was amazing! The sea and the windmills – I couldn’t stop gushing over it. Just for records, this place had the best spanakopita (Greek spinach pie) in Greece and in this big wide world!

View from hotel in Mykonos | Mykonos Windmills

Remember, we reached here early in the morning? So, after catching up on a li’l nap, we ventured out for some breakfast. We were not disappointed at all.

Mykonos Town | Honeymoon
Mykonos Town

The streets of Mykonos town are super refreshing – the typical white walls and blue doors with a sudden pop of colours. Also, you will come across various li’l shops of local artists.

Not just that, there are¸ big fashion brands as well. And you won’t see them anywhere else in Greece. 

Mykonos Town | Greek Holiday | Louis Vuitton

After our breakfast, we walked towards the most beautiful and picturesque place of Mykonos – the Windmills, in the town of Chora. 

Mykonos Windmills

These windmills were built in the 16th century, they are majestic and were used for milling wheat. Now, one of the mills is converted to a museum and houses many historical documents. The windmills are stunning, and they are located at such a peaceful location. It is difficult to not to fall in love with them. However, they are totally flooded with tourist during the peak season! 

Mykonos | Greece Travel | Windmills

April in Mykonos is windy – chilly winds, but it’s doable. I am sure the summers must be super amazing here! 

We roamed around, had a li’l stop at a local cafe. When in Greece, there is no way you should skip the Greek beer – alpha! 

Walking around Mykonos Town is a complete treat to the eyes!

The white and blues, whites and reds and the spring season at its peak is definitely something you can not ignore!

Mykonos Walk around the town

Mykonos was super overwhelming after Athens. So, I ventured towards the beach on the same day. This is the Paralia Megali Ammos beach. 

Mykonos Beach | Body Positive

When on honeymoon, spending such quiet time with your spouse, at a perfect location while you talk is priceless. 

In the evening, we went out to find some party places. Our hotel suggested this bar to us – Scandanavian – which is the top bar for nightlife. Also, the nightlife in Mykonos lasts for twenty-four hours. That is fancy! So, this famous bar was closed for the season. 

But we weren’t disappointed because the streets are full of pretty cute places – the same lanes and bi-lanes look entirely different at night! Oh, by the way, though the roads were deserted, they were safe. 

Mykonos at Night

Little Venice is this romantic li’l sea-side neighbourhood location in Mykonos. Home to various cafes and cocktail bars, Little Venice, has places which are literally on the beach. Not like a private beach resort or something, like they have their tables on the shore! It was like my dream come to true to sit there and sip on my favourite cocktail – while the waves crash against my chair. I felt so alive! 

Cocktail Bar in Mykonos | Nightlife in Mykonos

It was pretty chilly, so we did not sit outside for long. Plus, I am scared of the sea at night! We went to this old school cocktail bar, which played fantastic music and served exotic cocktails! By the way, I am not having any pictures of this night because I decided to have fun without a phone!

I had already explored the Mykonos town on the first day that it felt more than twenty-four hours to me! 

Mykonos Art Shops

The good thing about Greece is that you can take so many different day tours to different islands. And each island is unique in itself. The next day we booked this half-day tour to Delos island. 

Delos Island is the oldest place I have ever been to! Like it dates back to 2000 BC. That is insane. Having said that, I know I might go crazy the day I visit Egypt. 

Dalos Island | Greek Islands | Roman Civilization

The most sacred island of Greece was the trade centre of Greece, and it’s overwhelming to see how some myths have the living proofs preserved here! I highly suggest that you take a guide there. You can either book day tours with professional guides or you can hire a guide as soon as you reach there with as low as $15 per person. I would suggest the latter because the groups here are smaller and you get a much more detailed tour.

Dalos Island | Greek Islands | Roman Civilization

Our guide was this sweet archaeologist who lived on Dalos island itself. This island is inhabited by only 15 people – all archaeologists. 

Apart from being a historically significant island, religiously, it is believed to be the birthplace of Apollo. The houses, banks and the temples all have remarkable and very advance architecture. 

Dalos Island

The only fear I had was to get lost on this island because you have limited time to explore in a day, and that makes it all the scarier. 

I will be sharing a separate post on this beauty soon! 

On the route, there were some very “modern” art sculptures. They were illusions – pretty real! 

Dalos Island |

Dalos Island | Greek Islands | Roman Civilization
Dalos Island Exhibition

On the third day of Mykonos, we decided to rent a quad-bike and venture out to the other side of Mykonos. The rent prices are pretty affordable (between $50-$70) depending on your bargaining power for a day. And you have to pay a security deposit as well. We literally saved the best for the last! 

Mykonos Exploration

It is scary to drive on foreign roads. However, it was so much fun. As I said, mostly the places were closed, we somehow managed to find some nice cafes in Kounoupas Hill. Biking around this place is thrilling! I am not an adventure freak, and yet, I loved it!

Meadows among the beaches in Mykonos

Talking about the parties of the ultra-rich people, don’t miss the Paradise Beach. Many clubs around this beach were preparing for its insane beach parties, so they were mostly closed. But we managed to find a beach-side bar which was opened, playing super amazing music and serving great cocktails. So yes, there we were, in the middle of the day, soaking in the sun while the sea breeze caressed us, completely sloshed! And it is not bad. We spent the entire day there because we did not want to indulge in any drunk driving – on those roads! 

Paradise Beach Club in Mykonos

Called it an early day because the next morning we had our ferry to Naxos. I had not heard much about Naxos before we planned our trip! And it is something you should not miss if your idea of a vacation is to do nothing but getting lost on a small island!

Talking about it in the next post. 

Also, here is one of my favourite 3 days itinerary of Mykonos!

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  1. You have such a wonderful post. I love it and you have just awaken my traveling spirit. THe best thing I like about your post is that you are traveling with the person you love. That completes all.

  2. Wow, such a wonderful place to visit. YOu just took my traveling spirit alive again. But not at this time since its covid, but I definitely want to bounce back in traveling soon.

  3. Oh, your pictures are gorgeous! We were planning on stopping in Mykonos on a cruise this last year, but the captain of the ship had to reroute because of bad weather. I was so very disappointed. After viewing your pictures, I will definitely be making a return trip!

  4. These photos are amazing! I was actually supposed to be visiting Mykonos in about a week and a half, but those plans have obviously been postponed with the pandemic. I can’t wait for when I will get to go there – hopefully very soon!

  5. Such a stunning place to visit. I enjoyed looking on your photos, seems like you really had a wonderful time there.

  6. Your pictures are really nice and beautiful even though Europe never excited me. We all are praying for Coronavirus to go away!

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  9. Right now that travel is restricted, glad that we have wifi and we can read and look at photographs. All those white buildings in Greece and the blue skies evoke a good feeling. 🥰🤗

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