Monday Motivation | Smile Today, Sulk Later


I know I am pretty late for posting Monday motivation, but I will keep really short. I am caught up with some hustle which is keeping me pretty busy. And I am not complaining! But I am not letting it keep me from doing the regular things. It’s a promise I made to myself, and hell yes, I am sticking to it.

One thing I have learned in these twenty-nine years of my existence is that vibes are a powerful thing. They propagate very quickly. If you are happy right now, everyone around you becomes happy. But, it works oppositely as well. I remember that in one of my workplaces, there was a colleague who used to sulk, and he was always successful in killing my vibes.

Smile and sulk both are highly contagious.

You are sad today. Sulk. It is okay. But don’t make your vibes so powerful that it becomes harmful. I don’t care if it kills someone else’s vibes. But it is dangerous for you. Am I saying that roam around, laughing like crazy? No.

But make sure that your vibes are powerful when you are happy. And don’t give anyone the power to manipulate your vibes. If someone else is sulking, make sure he/she doesn’t affect you. The day you are sad, be mindful and be kind. Make those vibes stronger than your melancholy vibes. Give positive vibes from the environment enough power to make you happy.

Sometimes, life is more straightforward than we tend to make it.

  1. I relish, result in I discovered exactly what I used to be looking for.
    You’ve ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day.


  2. Love it! It’s very true that some people always want to kill the mood! I think everyone should left all their bad mood behind when they got home, or meet someone else. Everyone may have a bad day, but don’t ruin other people’s mood :/

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