Monday Motivation | Let Them Not Listen.

I will keep today’s TED talk very short! Because I know you are not a problematic listener!

There are always people who are adamant – not willing to listen to anyone. And it is okay to have some traits which are not desirable. It might be your partner or your colleague at work, but these people sometimes do get on your nerve.

In relationships, friends, family or partners, it is tough to draw the line between being suggestive and being controlling. I have had complicated family relationships because I always thought my suggestions are probably the best. Maybe I was the difficult one. However, no. I was dealing with a demanding listener. But I learned the easiest way to deal with them:

  1. Listen. The power of listening is immense. When you listen, you gain both respect and trust that you understand. How to be a good listener to your friend? Just listen – without judgements or pre-conceived notions.
  2. Use your freedom of speech – but only if you have heard with your heart and soul. Suggestively, say whatever you have to, and any difficult person will listen to you. It worked for me well – in various situations. 

Giving up the urge the control is significant. But it comes with time and, may I say, age.

Having a colleague who is a bad listener is a challenge of the highest order. I have never been that favourite employee of my bosses. So for me, it became all the more challenging to deal with someone who is a problematic listener and a boss’s favourite (for whatever reasons). Of course, I dealt with them by being a listener first.

It is also essential to understand the work styles of different people before being assertive. Not just that, sometimes, demanding listeners also reflect your communication skills. I have spent days pondering if I am also a bad listener to work with. One thing I suggest to do is never overlook a bad listener’s suggestion. But be heard at the same time.

Have a great week, ya’ll! 

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  2. Great blog post. I definitely think it is so important to use your voice. We live in an era where we have the ability to exercise our natural born rights as human beings. I definitely think what you shared is absolutely vital.

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