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Fancy name? Yes. Fancy cocktail? No. Trust me, you are going to love me after reading about this easiest two-ingredient cocktail! And it’s one of the most extraordinary combinations you will online. This wine cocktail is not something everyone will like but it’s worth a try. And that too when one ingredient is just red wine – mostly Merlots or Pinots or even Cabernet Sauvignon – you know mixology is not that tough! No, it is. But bars at home don’t have to be difficult, do they?

Wines are indeed fascinated. Did you enjoy the tipsy facts about wine that I shared?

Red wine is usually heavy, goes well with fruits and chocolates. So, for me, red wine has not really complimented my dinner ever but has always been a part of my dessert. And I like it that way!

Though there are wine cocktails which use just two ingredients like port wine and chocolate and you end up with a mulled port wine which is even sweeter, the one which I am talking about today is refreshing, light and a lazy bone’s dream cocktail.

The name is fancy, yes. It is pronounced as cali-mocho and it was originally called a poor man’s Cuba libre. You know where I am going, don’t you? It’s been around for a while – since the 1970s precisely – but you won’t find it in most of the bars! I came across this one when I had nothing in my fridge but coca-cola. And of course, some Cabernet Sauvignon because my wine cellar is never empty!

Enough of history! Let us jump to the recipe. I hope you like this wine cocktail.

Drink respnsibily! Don’t drink and drive.

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