Monday Motivation | (Un)Magic of Appreciation

What are you in For!

Good Morning! And I really hope you have a great week ahead!

Today, I just want to thank you for being you. You are doing a great job. I hope you are being a good human being too.

We all crave for appreciation – that is true human nature. Being taken for granted by partners, boss always pointing out at faults and friends being ungrateful – we all have these situations which make us yearn for appreciation even more.

And what happens when we don’t get it? I became extremely grumpy at my workplace. For sometime, I even distanced myself from my “ungrateful” friends. And no number of taunts are ever enough for your partners when you see that you are being taken for granted.

But does that help?

Certainly not!

The major problem arises when you start expecting a “thank you” in return for something you are supposed to do anyway. Your salary comes on time. Appreciation can certainly take a back seat. Do you believe in Karma? Your good karma points will always come back to you. An immediate “thank you” is not really necessary.

After being that partner in a relationship who tends to take my bae for granted, I know that I don’t always thank him but I acknowledge and appreciate everything he does and I make sure that he gets to know that too!

Having said that, I absolutely don’t mean that you become a saint and keep on doing things when you see no outcome at all – salary, love or anything for which you are working for. In fact, you know what? Go and thank yourself for the efforts you put in and for any job well done. It feels great!

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.


If the lack of appreciation bothers you so much, ask for it. It might work well in relationships bit I am not sure how rewarding it is at workplace!

If you feel the you are not appreciated enough, breathe and give yourself a pat on your back. You are doing a good job.

Have a wonderful week ahead!

  1. Craving some appreciation, I’d say, is definitely something that is just in our human nature, depending on what it is. I don’t think it is ever okay to do anything and expect something in return, but a little appreciation for the small things (such as if you are a wife or mom) can go a long way! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I always tell people I love and appreciate them because I take nothing for granted. It’s just nice to do as well.

  3. It always makes me feel good after showing gratitude to someone and see the smile on their face. It is very satisfying knowing that I am thankful for what they have done.

  4. appreciation comes from an honest place of deep gratitude within and cannot be faked. I can feel it if a person is appreciative even if he/she does not say it directly or do any special action. Some times a very simple thanks feels better than a fake person saying a whole load of “appreciation” words.

  5. Show gratitude and be grateful for what others have helped us or do for us. Appreciation has to come from a sincere heart, it doesn’t have to be expensive but the meaning is very important.

  6. I always say do your best at anything and when you know it is your best, it doesn’t matter if others see it that way or appreciate it. All that matters is that your heart is content and you appreciate yourself.

  7. I always make sure to tell everyone that I love and that helps me in any way shape or form how much I appreciate them. Because, welp, it’s the truth and it shows them that I respect them.

  8. You definitely have to start thanking yourself for all the work you put in. Sometimes you do have to treat yourself and congratulate yourself for your accomplishments even when no one else does. However when it comes to expecting praise and thank you’s I’ve realized that it is better to evaluate why you’re doing certain things if you start expecting it with family as well as friends. Work is a bit different to me because you should feel valued as an employee at work for sure.

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