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Some call it witty, some call it mean, but sarcasm has been a part of our lives for a long time. Sometimes, we are so engrossed in maintaining the image of being “sarcastic”, we don’t realize that it is actually a very potent source of stress – just like anger.

I have been pretty (in)famous for my sarcastic comments in my family and friend circle. And let us be honest. I am proud of it. 

I used to think that it’s people’s problem if they don’t get sarcasm. I use it only with the people I feel are close to me. Guess what? I was wrong at many levels. But now I am glad, I know where to draw the line.

What I am not proud of is that I might have unintentionally hurt people by my caustic words. I have decided to be careful. I hold myself back now, a lot. Even if it’s a joke, I don’t crack it. Humour is, after all, the best excuse to hide it. But guys, let us be kind. Sometimes, you might not know how much your joke could have hurt someone. We don’t know their state of mind. 

It would be fair if you say that people should take humour lightly. Yes, it is true. But let us be realistic. Not everyone is expecting jokes all the time.

So, I think it is easy to talk straight. It is in the best interest for everyone’s peace of mind. This one thing I learned after getting married to an extremely straight forward guy. I never realized how simple life can be if you start to uncomplicate things. And the same goes for your speech! 

There is a thin line between wit and sarcasm. So, if someone is being mean to you, be witty. Giving back their sarcasm is a good idea too but I don’t preach an eye for an eye. But yeah, you don’t have to tell anyone!

When I say “Bite the Sarcasm”, I mean to reach out to people who are sarcastic and who are on the receiving end.

If you google the word sarcasm, you will find this:

Do you see the origin? “Tear flesh”. So yes, sarcasm might not be a very positive emotion. It does pierce through the skin.

So if you are at the receiving end of sarcasm, there are few things that you can do. Bite it out of your life. Being assertive for your own peace of mind is not rude. It is logical. Sigh! How some things only come with age! 

So here is what you can do.

First, be the right judge. Sarcasm is not always hurtful. Be open to the fact that not everything is aimed at you. Unlink yourself from the statement. You might enjoy the correct intent of the sarcasm!

Second, uncomplicate. If you know the person is mean and intents to hurt you – take their statement on face value. Don’t look for the hidden meaning, throw in a witty reply and then enjoy the look on their face as their attempt to insult/hurt tosses right into the trash can!

Third, always remember that ignorance is bliss. It is not your moral responsibility to act and react to something which you know is intended to hurt you.

Fourth, let us accept this fact, there are certain people who would always want to bring you down while being someone closely related to you. The only thing that they have to offer to you is their negative energy to you in the form of sarcasm. In that case, what is the option? Let them know, politely. Remember, you have to hold your ground. Don’t express is at a problem. Rather let them know you feel that it is not right. If you outright tell them you have a problem, they might become defensive rather than just receptive.

Finally, if you know things have crossed lines somewhere – walk away. Trust me, if something is hurtful to you, it is not worth at that point in time.

Have a wonderful week, peeps! I hope you walk towards a peaceful life with this one!

  1. I appreciate people that are a little bit sarcastic, id probably be one of those. But if im sarcastic with a person means im comfortable with them.

  2. Sarcasm is a skill which can make you a social hero if used wisely and wittily. Yes but it’s tough to be good at it all the time. Everybody doesn’t have a good sense of humor and a lot of people would not appreciate sarcasm too. One must know where to draw a line.

  3. I think there is a difference between fun / friendly banter and making a joke at someones expense. It’s never fun to be the butt of the joke! But we do need to find a balance between not taking ourselves to serious and teasing.

  4. This was a great reminder that other people’s feelings should be considered especially when we are using sarcasm. I’ve been guilty of cracking a few jokes here and there that might have been taken wrong too.

  5. I really love your blog and appreciate this blog post. So many people seem to forget sarcasm exists and often times many take it as insulting like a pound of sugar, instead of a grain of salt. Thank you for sharing this.

  6. It’s so true that there is a time and place for sarcasm. I personally looove sarcasm as a method of humour, but never want anyone to feel hurt by sarcastic words. That tidbit about the original meaning or the word is so fascinating!

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