Modern Bride’s Diary | That Skincare Regime (+ Make It Classy Review )

Every girl wants to look their best on her wedding day. Why would I be different? Apart from my routine going haywire because of traveling from one city to another almost everyday, the only thing which required my efforts was a good skincare regime.

I have always been that girl who loves to pamper herself with regular trips to the salons for manicure, pedicures and hair spas. Of course, putting up a lot of make-up on your big day can make you look good. But healthy skin and hair go a long way, don’t they?

Happiness and Confidence are the prettiest things you can wear on your wedding day.

Taylor Swift

I agree with it 100 per cent. Period.

Taking care of yourself is independent of your wedding day or any specific occasion. However, following a regular skincare and haircare routine became an integral part of my life only after I decided to get married. And now, I don’t go to sleep before doing my night regime. Come. What. May.

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There are a few things which I want to share about any skin care and hair care regime for everyone. And if you are bride-to-be, there is no reason why you shouldn’t follow a proper skincare regime!


Drink a lot of water. That is the only thing which will keep your skin glowing and flushed. And if you have chapped lips, no amount of butter and balms can help you better than 10 glasses of water a day.


No matter what you think, natural oils have no substitute. A bottle of cold-pressed Argan oil or Vitamin E oil can do wonders to your specific problem areas. Mine were chapped lips, weak nails, dry heels and a receding hairline because of hair fall. And I kid you not, I am at a way better position now than I was a year ago.


The most important part of your routine should be a good sleep of at least seven hour. Chuck Netflix. Give your phone’s battery a rest too. Sleep.

Lavender oil and lemon juice help in inducing a good stress-free sleep. Mix them and rub it on your wrist and temple of your head.

Go Natural

Shun those chemicals and you will thank me later. Substituting my toner with rose water, hair mask with aloe vera gel, a drop of vitamin e oil as my night moisturizer and using pure cane sugar as my lip scrub made a lot of difference. And that is environment-friendly too.

I used to go for regular face clean ups and always used fruit based cleansers. I might not eat organic food but when it comes to my skin, I am that girl who won’t use any chemicals!

Professional Help

I consulted a doctor before starting a routine for my skin. They help you notify you the problematic areas and let you know what your skin needs – regularly!

Make It Classy Review

I recently came across this wonderful start-up by Victoria T Davis of

Make it Classy is a DIY box that comes with natural and plant-based ingredients and recipe to create your own beauty masks, scrubs and a lot more.

I got this Rhassoul clay based hair and face mask. When the box was delivered, I was pretty nervous as to be sure about the ratio of every ingredient to make the mask correctly. The DIY kit comes with a recipe card and a QR code for a complete video tutorial on how to make the mask. And all the ingredients come in the exact ratio, so that you don’t mess up the recipe.

I make it a point to use some good mask on my hair twice a month. I don’t use conditioner because they trigger hair fall for me, so a good mask is a must. Rhassoul clay, combined with aloe-vera is a great cleanser, hydrant and moisturizer. It is basically the the clay from the valleys of Morocco and is proven to be a rich detoxifier.

I am totally in love with product and highly recommend it. It is definitely going to be a part of skincare regime.

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  2. I was being sent this DIY kit as a complimentary gift for personal use and views. All the views are personal.
  1. I agree with go natural. Hydrate must be 24/7, right? But sleep is most women take for granted for so that is what you guys should be thinking of getting more

  2. Before my wedding, I was lucky to get my face washed LOL. Really I spent more time worrying about my hair than my skin. I couldn’t do that now — I actually have to have a skincare regimen! Thanks for sharing about the Make It Classy box!

  3. Sleep is so important, i try to do as much as I can for my skin. this is such a great blog post. Thanks fro sharing this.

  4. Sleep can be the one thing brides to be avoid getting a lot of because they are so busy. I am so glad you mentioned here, the importance of doing so! brides def want glowing skin on their big day.

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