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Vodka is one of the most natural drink to use for cocktails. 

You mix vodka and cranberry juice, you get a Cape Codder. You mix vodka with orange juice, you get a Screwdriver

You mix all three of these, and voila, you get Madras. Madras originated because some dudes in 1945 wanted to give the good old’ Cape Code a citric twist. And yes, Madras is by far the most refreshing yet the simplest cocktail you will ever have. 

Also, don’t stress over the name. Most of the old fashioned cocktails are named after some cities. This one is no different. It is named after a southern state in India. It’s pretty hot there, and this refreshing drink is just perfect for the summers in Madras. Fun fact, Madras city is now renamed as Chennai.

Every bartender has their own way of mixing them and giving you a better cocktail. Try muddling some mint leaves or add some sugar syrup or squeeze some lime or give it a spicy twist by adding a li’l bit of cinnamon sugar. Using flavoured vodka gives that extra kick. What I love to do is play with the ratio.

Don’t mix drinking with driving.

  1. Thanks for this I really need this in mid week. I already taken print out for the same. I will definitely going to try this for sure

  2. Cranberry and citrus fruit are literally my favourite ingredients for drinks, why have I never heard of the Madras before?! Thank you so much for this recipe!! xx

  3. I’ve always wanted to know how to mix drink but I only remember when I’m at a party and someone else is doing it or when in a movie. Now, I can pretend to be a pro and mix with this awesome tips.

  4. I like screwdrivers and I like a cape codder so I guess putting all three together would definitely taste good!

  5. This sounds like a nice cocktail, especially for the hot summer months. I drank many times vodka mixed with orange or with cranberry juice, but never with both in the same time.

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