Glambassador? What is that? And for many of you who have heard about it, might want to know if that works at all? Before I come to all those questions, let me give a quick background.

I have been blogging for a while now. It was never a ‘gig’ to me. During my undergrad days, I enjoyed sharing my life with anyone interested. And that is how I started writing regularly. A few years later, blogging became a big thing for brands and marketers. I started getting paid for writing and sharing my views, and that is how I earned my pocket-money during my post-grad years. It was then that I thought maybe I should take up blogging full-time. However, I was way too ambitious for that. I started working in atypical 9 to 5 set-up. I used to get a lot of paid opportunities to blog, but I seldom had the time. I always dreamt of having a break from my professional life, to just blog – tell stories.

Cut to the present day, and I have been enjoying my break from a regular job. I finally got time to dedicate to my blog. But, there is always a ‘but’. I moved countries during this break. I realized that the blogging sphere and landscape have not only changed in all these years, but it is advanced in the US than it was ever in India. I felt like a newbie, even after being here for a while.


Glambassador’s role 

I already had my PR contacts in India and was doing good on some platforms which connected bloggers to brands. In the US, however, that was of li’l use. I came across Glambassador. It has been a great platform until now. It acts as a great place to connect with brands and other businesses who are looking forward to working with you.

I have always believed in meaningful collaborations because they help a content creator as well as the business. Every partnership has been a learning experience for me and has helped in creating something better every time.

Check out Glambassador. Also, check out their social media footprints:





Benefits of joining Glambassador

  • The interface is very user-friendly and is easy to navigate
  • There are many big and small brands to collaborate with
  • You get to know about a lot of small businesses which resonate with your values and principles
  • There are a lot of opportunities – something for every niche
  • You build a good rapport with a lot of people – your talent gets noticed
  • You realize your value as a blogger/content creator
  • You learn how to present yourself because every pitch that you make has to be different
  • You grow as a content creator as every opportunity gives you a chance to be creative


Is Glambassador Legit?

It is 100% legit.

Not just that, Glambassador works for the creators’ interest. They will safeguard you so that you don’t get exploited.

If you have just moved to the US or have just started a blog, which has an excellent traction and would like to monetize your talent, then Glambassador is the place to be.


I browse Glambassador for businesses which go well with my blog. I apply to collaborate with them, strike a conversation and see if the collaboration can help both of us. I have worked with a few fantastic entrepreneurs, and I am thankful to Glambassador for that! 


Glambassador Collaboration
One of the many collaborations I have done in the recent times, thanks to Glambassador.
  1. Glambassadors sounds very interesting. Personally, I haven’t tried to monetize my blog yet, but maybe it’s worth thinking about it one day. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sounds like a great program, are you still with them though? Parts of your post make it sound like you are no longer working with Glambassador.

  3. I have never heard of this before, but now I am going to look into it. I am pretty new to blogging, but I am really trying to monetize and this helps. THank you!

  4. wow, Glambassador sounds like a great platform for bloggers to collaborate with brands. I’m glad it is working for you, I am not in the US so I cannot take advantage of this.

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