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From Stressed to Sorted

by Sonam Chamaria

In the last book review, I wrote that 2020 is going to be the year of books and I am surely going to keep up with it.

The first book that I read this year is From Stressed to Sorted by Sonam Chamaria. When I got to know about this book, I was not sure that if I really need any self-help book or theoretical knowledge to take me out of my present situation. No, I am not stressed out, not now.

You can find this book on Amazon. The link is for Kindle edition.

My Opinion

What is your life like?

Is it easy and effortless?

Fun and Exciting?

Do you get everything you want the way you desire?

Are you living the life you dream of?

If you said a resounding ‘YES’, congratulations! You’re among the lucky few to have mastered the art of living a happy life. You may want to pause before you read any further, because this book may have little value -add for you.

Journey of a dream, From Stressed to Sorted

I wanted to bring your notice to the starting paragraph of this book. So, basically, this book is for everyone. Even though my answer to most of the questions was a YES, I would like to tell you that this book will still add a lot of value to your life. 

I am someone who believes in the laws of attraction and manifestation. And if you were to find the simplest guide to practice them, this is the book. I am saying this because From Stressed to Sorted doesn’t give some unrealistic claims. It will tell you to bring those little happy lifestyle changes in your life that will help you achieve a calmer you. 

And we all know, once you are calm, you can be as successful as you wish to be. Attracting the positivities from the universe while you work towards your goal, practicing kindness towards others and yourself and unlinking yourself from situations that are not under your control are things we talk about all the time. But how do you inculcate these practices in your daily life? This book will tell you everything in the most creative manner ever. I am not kidding. 

Sonam has tried to narrate very relatable incidents so that it is easier for the readers to grasp each and everything.

Targeted at millennials, this is a very short yet powerful read. Following this book, one chapter at a time can actually do wonders for you, no matter wherever you are in the journey of your life! 

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