Yours ‘Honestly’, Black Friday!

What are you in For!

First thing first, I am not a huge fan of Black Friday. Searching and waiting for deals on things which you can buy online, anytime, is not really appealing! Though I have talked about Black Friday deals in India earlier but after moving here and completely getting to know about the ruthlessness of this day – I am kind of not very happy!

It is funny how something termed by a police department to mark the overwhelming traffic and crowd has taken a different shape altogether. Thanksgiving is a day when you are thankful for everything you have but only until 8 PM because then you have to rush to the stores who are going to rob you of your money for things you don’t need and the police can not even term it anything!

It is amusing how some stores open late at night on Thanksgiving. And it is even more amusing how people rush out of their houses to buy things they don’t need on an evening which they are supposed to spend with their family!

I don’t know how this makes sense at all. You spend $50 to buy a thing which is listed at $200, which you probably don’t need. But you buy it because it’s on sale. So, instead of saving $150, you are poorer by $50. That is so much pressure!

The Scam called Black Friday

  • It is a scam. I can actually buy anything that I need online and we all know that it’s always profitable
  • Black “Friday” is no longer just a Friday thing.
  • I am averse of the idea of being in the credit debt – again, it’s a scam
  • I am not a supporter of capitalism. My shopping has now shifted towards the small businesses – but that is a personal preference, which can be situational sometimes
  • I am not a fan of trampling people. Period.

I came across some Black Friday advertisements. Here is the honest version of them! Enjoy.

Black Friday | Black Friday Humor | Scam
Black Friday | Black Friday Humor | Scam
Black Friday | Black Friday Humor | Scam
Black Friday | Black Friday Humor | Scam

This is just light humour and my own opinion. I enjoy shopping online too! You can actually compare prices across websites and across different days to make a sound purchasing decision – and actually save money!

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