The Food Obsessed Millennial

*rant alert*

Recently, I was having a conversation with a friend. We established that the food industry is probably the most profitable industry to invest in. Well, of course. People will always buy food. But that has got a lot to do with the fact that we are a bunch of food-obsessed millennial. 

Somethings about the present-day get to me. No matter how much I hate it, it’s challenging to be not a part of it. Being a part of the generation which can be fondly called the food-obsessed millennial is nothing I worked towards consciously. I am a part of this millennial food culture effortlessly.

The numbers speak

The food industry is forever booming with a revenue of USD 65,495 million in 2019 with 34% of the users being in the age group of 25-34 years, i.e., the Millenials. (Source:

I mainly have no problem with the food industry growing – but the reason seems something else. It’s not just feeding a generation, but it’s doing business out of the obsession we have for food. 

Food is one of the necessities of life. You have to eat food. You can’t call yourself a “foodie” because of that. I don’t even get the term foodie. I breathe and thus I will from now on call myself “airie“. Sounds right?

The obsession and trends

Eating good food is a privilege, and it’s okay to talk about it sometime. But is there a need to seek heightened eating experiences? Have you noticed those hashtags? Foodporn? Foodgasm? #Really?

Few of the food trends which ruled in 2019 and I am sure it is going to trend in 2020 are the following:

Now I have no problem with any sort of diet or food preference. If it suits you, it’s best for you. More and more athletes are turning toward a no-meat diet because it has helped in enhancing their performance. But what gets to me is that people tend to follow specific trends only because it is a trend. Or worse, because it’s the most Instagram-med trend and will fetch the likes and attention we crave. 

I came up with the following illustration after I made a li’l conversation on my Instagram. And I was somewhat relieved to see that it’s just not me but a lot of people who genuinely think that the food trends are slightly fads.

The food Obsessed Millenial

We are that generation which eats all the junk (believe me, pizza, burger and rolled ice-cream are going to remain the trend forever). 

Now, I don’t blame all of the millennials. Some are actually following the Vegan diet. It does good for them. They tell about its benefits and don’t just rub it in your face!

Even I show some of the above traits – like I am crazy about wine. I might be obsessed with it(and other alcoholic drinks), but I never talk about them being healthy. Or talk about ways to make them healthy.

Had we been this healthy, the way we portray yourself on social networks, 2 billion people worldwide wouldn’t have been overweight/obese.

Let us find the logic and the balance

Talk about food, if you enjoy it. You can not hate something and yet keep on talking about it. Talk about feeding people who are deprived of it. There is a lot of food being wasted while you Instagram your lunch. Follow the healthy diets which are going to benefit your health. Talk about going to the local markets and farms because you support the cause of small businesses. You are doing it all wrong if your farm trip to buy vegetables is accompanied by a cup os Starbucks coffee. Don’t talk about everything because of likes. 

Food is our antidote to the millennial life.

Eve Turow

Last words

Having said all of it, I understand there are a few reasons why we are a generation of food-freaks. I appreciate it when people are genuinely opting for healthier choices. Eating right is one of the good things you can do to your body. When restaurants promote ethical practice towards animals, fair treatment to farmers and sustainable practises, I really appreciate that too.

  1. Yeah this is interesting. I am pretty busy so I like to joke that I eat to survive. But I do like trying new things and eating my favorite gourmet meals.

  2. I think now we have moved up the pyramid from basic food to various types of food, as now we have exposure to various cuisines, one tends to try out as many variety of food one can. We have many places offering various types of foods and advent of food videos and blogs it has thrown open a plethora of options to the present generation….!

  3. I am obsessed with food and I am a millennial. But that is because I want to eat healthily and now that I have food allergies and can get sick with too much MSG, so I have to watch what I eat. But, it isn’t a bad thing because I love making food and creating something new.

  4. Trends are not the problem. People giving into them are. Just because something is trendy doesn’t mean it needs be followed. I do with social media has less influence on some people though…


  5. As a mom, it’s inevitable to be obsessed with food. Food is basic part of our existence including our kids and husbands. The better we cook and eat, the better our lives will be. So I think it’s ok to be obsessed, just not gluttonous.

  6. I’ve seen more than just millennial individuals doing this on social media. I also feel like people want to keep up with trends so that they can somewhat ride the bandwagon and some how become viral. Overall though, I feel like if people are being healthy and making better food options, it is good. However I will say sometimes people can go too far with these diets where they aren’t necessarily being healthy… they are just trying to make money from it by promoting it to other people who see their accounts.

  7. Yeah, a lot of good points here, and I especially like the graphic with all those classic Millenial stereotypes! I definitely have noticed the rise of food porn though now that you’ve mentioned it!

  8. A lot of millennial now are so very health conscious . And the obsessions gone through far and needs to dealt with it. This article has a lot of information about it. Thanks!

  9. Oh haha yah I noticed that, but I didn’t thought that it was just because of the trend. I thought that most millennials are health conscious and super food lover. What’s important is that they eat right and they support sustainable food materials.

  10. I am too old to speak for millennials, but for me, I used to eat everything. I was unwell for years of testing, then finally, they found out it was food allergies. Now I am on what is also a trendy diet (gluten-free), but for a good reason. I feel better than ever.

  11. I have been a vegetarian since I was a kid. Some of these trends are definitely gimmicky or a fad, but I have been a vegetarian for easily 30 years. I do follow a lot of these food trends though.

  12. What an interesting post; I don’t think I would have thought about this topic had you not outlined it as such. I probably would have thought the food industry was one of the least profitable industries due to waste and product having a limited shelf life. I know grocery stores operate on very thin margins, I guess I just assumed that would apply to anything dealing with food!

  13. Wow, but I see also in your food obsession are healthy products like avocado etc. The most important is to keep the balance.

  14. Love the post. What’s missing in the lives of many – they know or don’t know themselves. That is why they are seeking.
    I am really into self-care, and it cannot happen by truly learning and discovering foods and their sources.

  15. This is a great post! We always try to support our local farmers market and are aware of the amount we’re serving. Don’t need to over eat.

  16. This is such insightful post and I agree with you that some of us are following a diet base on the trends or likes from social media.
    Food is very important for all of us but sometimes people abused it. One point that I learned from this is we need to eat a food that is right for us or for what is right to our body not base on a trends.

  17. I think this isn’t just a millennial issue. Whatever generation you’re a part of food is the great uniter. We all love it, and we all tend to get carried away at times.

  18. I am “obsessed” with food because well, I just love eating – ha! But also, I care about what I am eating due to health conditions. If I eat the wrong things for me, well I am greatly affected in a negative way. I appreciate restaurants and such catching onto these things as well, but I definitely see obsessions taken too far – and a lot of extremes happening in the food world too that need to COOL IT.

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