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2019 has been a year of travel for me. I am not complaining. From Asia to Europe to North America, the journey has been beautiful so far. And it has not ended yet. Last week, I was in LA for work, and I saved the day to explore the city. LA is vast and you certainly can not finish it exploring in a day. There are a lot of things to do in one day in Los Angeles.

In my opinion, the west coast is beautiful! The Pacific Ocean has clear white water which is always a treat to eyes and soothing for the soul. And it’s cold – very cold! It would be a good idea to have an elaborated itinerary to explore it! I have been to California a lot of times now, but LA is my favourite place – after Austin, of course!

But first, some travel tips to LA

  • The best time to visit is either between March through May or between September and November. The temperature is pleasant, and the sun is not really on a killing spree – not with those beautiful breezes.
  • I personally felt that after the Daylight savings, you really don’t get a lot of nightlife to see around. I did not go to Downtown LA. If it is your thing, maybe you should.
  • Even if you don’t have a car which you should rent, Uber and Lyft are a good idea. Just plan your day a li’l ahead, so you ain’t stuck at the busy hours and end up paying a bomb to the conglomerates!

The Griffith Observatory, the Hollywood Sign and the Universal or Warner Brothers Studio were there on my list before I went to LA this time. In fact, I had already been to the Disneyland and Disney Adventure Park this year, and I know I was done for the theme parks and studios for this year! I have shared a guide to all the fantastic place in LA to visit at the end of this post. Don’t forget to check it out!

But then I realized that it was not the only time I am going to go to LA. Also, I wanted to see a different side of LA for some reason. Whatever the reason was, I am thankful for the sudden change of mind and heart – I don’t regret it a bit.

I was in West LA for work and I was staying in a hotel pretty close to LAX Airport because of the short duration of my stay. I decided to explore the nearby areas only. So yes, I decided to stay by the beach.

Beach Love | Street Art Los Angeles |

The first three places are located in Venice, which is a seaside resort town in Westside. If you have just one day in Los Angeles and you want just to relax and chill, Venice is the place to be!

Venice Beach

Venice beach is the recreational beachfront of Venice, LA. I love beaches, and this one has a quieter side to offer as well.

Venice Beach | Los Angeles

The beach is probably one of a kind because it has an open gym, skateboard rink and a circus styled promenade.

Venice Beach | Los Angeles

The promenade is around 2.5 kilometres long with street performers, artists and street food vendors. This place is full of life and very overwhelming at first. You can also rent bicycles to cycle around this historic city of Venice. Bikes are prohibited in some areas like the Venice Canals.

Venice Beach | Los Angeles
One Day in Los Angeles
Just beach things at Venice Beach!

If you are a street art lover, this place is certainly for you. Every building’s wall is adorned with something amusing.

Wall Art | Street Art | Los Angeles | Venice Beach

Cannabis is legal in Los Angeles and, trust me, the air smells of pot here. I mean you will be passively smoking up, when here!

Los Angeles | Cannabis
Even the Panda was high!

Tip: Keep some dollar bills for the street performers and artists. It’s not a bad idea to tip them for they put a lot of effort into entertaining the tourists!

One day in Los Angeles – Not to miss, the Venice Canals

This place is a must if you are looking for the top things to do in one day in Los Angeles. I can not recommend this enough.

Venice Canals | Los Angeles |My Li'l Travel Book | One Day in Los Angeles | 1-day Itinerary

We took a walk away from the promenade towards the residential area only to find a beautiful bridge over a canal. This settlement is a lovely replica of Venice. To me, it felt more like Amsterdam. Venice Canals are an excellent place to spend a quiet evening. Or maybe plan your pre-wedding shoot here. Yes, it’s that beautiful!

Venice Canals | Los Angeles
Los Angeles | Venice Beach
One day in Los Angeles

The six waterways form a grid. Each navigation is approximately one mile long and 50 feet wide. There are cute houses on both sides of the canal! There are nine footbridges for pedestrians. This place can be someone’s retirement dream. Well, it is mine!

My Li'l Travel Book | One Day in Los Angeles | 1-day Itinerary
See what I meant!

Abbot Kinney Boulevard

This boulevard is named after the brain behind the historic district of Venice and Santa Monica.

Abbot Kinney Boulevard | Los Angeles

Abbott Kinney Boulevard is hardly 10 minutes away from Venice Beach. It is a mile of international brands, small local business stores, eateries that satisfy your soul and everything that you can think of.

Street Art | Los Angeles

Often called the ‘coolest street of America’, you can see a mix of both historic bungalows and modern-age architectural buildings.

Street Art | Los Angeles | Abbot Kinney

The nightlife is also hip – that is what I hear!

Santa Monica Pier

After spending a day walking in and around Venice, we finally landed up at the Santa Monica Pier. It is amusing how this old school pier still has a charm of its own. By the way, this place is a hundred-year-old!

Santa Monica Pier | Los Angeles

The Pier is open all day. However, your favourite shops might close before 10 PM. Also, this is more of a family place because you ain’t allowed to smoke here. You can fish in the Pacific ocean too.

This is home to the Pacific Park as well which has the iconic Ferris wheel, lighted by solar panels. The view of the LA skyline from Colorado Avenue is beautiful!

Santa Monica Pier | Los Angeles
Los Angeles | Santa Monica Pier

Tip: This is a good time to visit the Pier. The Holiday Cheer Festival is on!

After having a great meal at one of the restaurants by the beach, digging into street-side churros and taking a long walk at the Pier, we returned to our hotel. That is how I spent my one day in Los Angeles.

One day in Los Angeles – A Printable Itinerary!

Here are a few widespread things to do in LA. However, do let me know something different to do – I am very keen on finding a hike around this area!

One day in Los Angeles

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  1. It is a great post on how to spend a day in LA. For me, You brought some memories back with this post. My main LA memories consist of visiting Disney Land and the Hollywood sign. You have presented some really nice parts of LA here. It was good to revisit some of the places through your post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. A well written post as I had a virtual travel to Los Angeles… Was not aware of most of the places and could get to know… Will need to bookmark should I visit US I need to refer to your post for sure

  3. Oh that one day in LA looks so pretty.. I love casually strolling in promenades and enjoying the essence of beach life.. Also I wouldn’t want to miss Venice canals

  4. What stunning visuals Sushmita! Absolutely floored. It’s such a good thing you had so many opportunities to go traipsing around the world in 2019. See what 2020 has given us!
    LA looks like an amazing place. 🙂

  5. I am dreaming vacation all through 2020! Last vacation I had was in Christmas and your post sent me on a day dreaming trip! I loved the beach and the art on the building and the venice canal in LA is just awesome

  6. Wow this looks beautiful. I can’t wait for things to settle back to normal so that I can plan a trip too.

  7. Wow. Venice Canals look amazing. I have been to SF but not LA. I will definitely try these when I do eventually go to US again (work for me as well). I really like the way you write and the flow of your post.
    Do check out mine if you ever have time (one bengali to another 😉)

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