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The holiday season is my favourite! What I love about it is that the lively, vibrant and positive vibes are the same across my homeland and my current country of residence! In India, Durga Puja to Diwali to Christmas, I used to enjoy the festive vibes. Here in the US, the advent of fall is the indication of all the festivals that lie ahead. Making cards and wrapping gifts with personalized messages had always been my thing – and I am so excited to help out people in making their Christmas cards this season!

With the availability of the internet, one can use a vast variety of resources – from templates to fonts to images. It is a great idea to let your creativity flow and come up with a personalized and unique design for your cards or flyers. Though I know that making physical cards have their own charm, I advocate digital cards and flyers to help save our resources. I will be talking about some amazing tips to make your digital cards. In Part 2 of this series, let’s talk about tips to make cards that you would love to send out, physically!

One of the flyers for Halloween Party using free fonts and templates! The font used here is called Creepy Forest by Font Bundle

Why are digital crafts the best?

  • It’s not messy – no glue, paper or glitter!
  • You can add your own pictures
  • You can choose from 1000s of templates
  • They are printable. So if you wish to print and send your cards, it’s not a Herculean task!
I made this card using free fonts again! Printable cards are a good option if you are as bad as drawing as I am. Font Used: Hands down by Font Bundle
  • The number of fonts you can find for free online is very high! Check out these free fonts which can be downloaded and used with any software you use for creating the digital cards
  • You can find a font for every occasion. My favourite font is the one which replicates handwritings – they are best for printed cars
  • There is a large number of online web-apps or software where you can browse for innumerous templates for cards or gift tags or anything that you wish to make
Making gift cards is also simple! Font used for the handwriting – Yummy Burger by Font Bundle. This is closest to my handwriting!
  • You can experiment as much as you want
  • You never run out of your favourite paper
  • Embellishments can be done super easily
  • Drawing and illustrations are simple because of the availability of clip-arts
  • You can use your own illustrations too
  • Writing messages is a simpler task with so many handwriting fonts
  • You can print your favourite art and colour them yourself to give that handmade touch
  • You need a computer and a li’l knowledge of digital image formats:
    • JPEG (Joint Photographic Export Group) – Photographs, solid images
    • PNG (Portable Network Graphic) – Image without backgrounds and are best for embellishments and frames for print
  • You can create the same design over and over again
  • Editing and mending mistakes are very simple! I wish life was that simple too
  • Encourages minimum waste
  • You can preserve your creation for ages
  • Also, sharing them is simpler – anywhere around the globe!

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