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Card making season is on I posted about how digital cards are my favourite! It’s the season for crafting holiday cards. While many of you might be busy making your digital cards or busy buying them from the nearest retailer, this post is for the rest of the people who still believe in the traditional ways!

For me, crafting is therapeutic. Whenever I feel that there is too much going on in my life or I am unable to give an outlet to my thoughts, I do some paper crafts to calm myself. So, I thought of sharing some crafting tips for less messy and smarter crafts!

Some Smart Hacks!

  • Do you struggle with blunt punching tools too? Punch a hole on a tin foil several times to sharpen your tool!
  • The white gel pen can be used for correcting your colouring goof ups. I love this trick. Whenever I accidentally colour outside the area I am supposed to, I use a white gel pen to correct it.
  • Saving your scraps for punching shapes is a good and resourceful idea
  • I love foam tapes – they give dimensions to the card
  • Sometimes, you don’t need permanent adhesive tape. Adhesive tapes can we be weakened by sticking it to a piece of cloth and ripping it off several times. You can use this to attach your embellishments on your cards to see the placement.
  • If you need more textured paper, you can buy the gift bags at the Dollar Store or Target!

Organization made simple!

  • Store your markers horizontally
  • Store the inkpads upside down to let the ink sink to the top of the pads
  • Organize your paper scraps while watching tv or during downtime
  • Store your sparkles in salt and pepper shaker for easy usage

Cards made simple!

If you are a li’l lost in trying to find a good card design or template, you can download the card making kits from Design Bundle. They are easy to use, you can use your own textured papers or get these designs printed on your card stock. I love this concept for people who want to send out traditionally cards but find themselves creatively challenged!


A card-making kit usually contains the following:

  • SVGs, DXF formats – for Cutting programs/software
  • EPS format – for Adobe Illustrator
  • PNG format – black, high resolution (300)transparent background.

Not just for cards but some of the designs are extremely helpful for using embellishments for your scrapbooks and some pretty designs for decoupage projects too!

Keep it clean!

  • Baby wipes are pretty helpful when you are using stamps and you need to change the colours
  • Keep a small box beside your craft table to throw in your paper scraps while you create.
  • Apply clear nail polish at the ends of the ribbon to avoid fraying

I am also a newbie in crafting but hit me up with any questions that you might have!

No links in this post are affiliated link. However, this is a sponsored post, sponsored by Design Bundles.

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