The Secret – About Women’s Handbag!

I have always heard these jokes about a woman’s bag.

And I never realized they were on me, too!

I have always been that girl who carries a backpack. A bag pack that is heavy and has everyone around me questioning – what do you carry in it? D-uh, it’s a backpack and it’s supposed to be heavy. But do I need to carry it on a date? Or for a casual dinner?

And I realized it’s not just me, it’s every girl and her bag.

There are way too many things which make me feel complete and I don’t leave my house without them. I might not use them all the time but I need them all the time. It’s a compulsion.

Every girl is a wizard. It’s just that not every girl’s bag is as stylish as Hermione’s beaded handbag! But trust me, it has got everything. Oh yes, I am a big Potterhead.

And you know why girls keep on asking for pockets in their dresses? It’s just for the phone. We will anyway carry our bags. It’s just that if our phone is lost in the bag, we are never getting it back!

Having said that, men are no less. The pockets of their jeans and the glove compartment of their cars speak a lot. It’s just that they don’t carry their “baggage” around like us but they have an equally elusive collection of things they “might” need!

And I have a lot against people who make fun of my bag. Because I have the answer to your stupid questions, most of the time:

  1. Do you think, by any chance, you have a stapler?
  2. I am hungry and thirsty. Maybe something like a cookie can help me.
  3. Do you have a pen?
  4. My socks are wet. I wish I had an extra pair. Do you?
  5. Ummmm…a hammer?

Oh, by the way, my husband tried to venture into my bag once. He says that the key to a happy marriage is that we keep somethings undercover! *sigh*

I have an affinity towards backpacks or big sling bags. Basically I love bags with lots of space and now you know why! I love carrying a whole locker with the help of shoulder straps.

Nowadays, I am totally crushing over this leather bucket bag. But before I tell you more about it, I am not a fan of leather for obvious reasons. But, High On Leather makes sure that no animal is slaughtered for making the bag. It uses the by-product of the meat industry. Also, when you purchase a bag from them, 5 trees are planted, in association with Cauvery Calling, to reduce the carbon footprint of leather.

Also, if you are interested in leather bags, maybe you should refer to this before choosing one.

This bag is the perfect go-to thing. It has huge amount of space and not too many compartments – just one with an inner pocket. Just stuff your bag with everything you need and go!

I love how the strap is adjustable. It works as a tote and proper shoulder bag both.

It has got a li’l shabby and artistic look which goes with all my casual wear.

And the size is just right!

(The opinion on the bags are my own. The links are just for your reference and not affiliate links.)

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  2. I love to use backpacks instead of handbags. You can fit so much more in it lol. As a matter of fact I’m still using my son’s baby backpack!

    1. Hahahaha! That is cute! But it’s a fact, we all need some space to carry things which are important 🙂

  3. You are right. Every girl is a wizard. And their bag is kind of like a Harry Potter bag with all the things they carry inside it. And then they pull all of these things out of nowhere.

  4. I am really into backpack. It really matches my personality but sometimes I do use handbag but I think I am more comfortable with big and can carry all my stuff,

  5. My bag is my home away from home! I have all I need when I am not home in my purse. It is a big bag, but classy-looking. Actually, I have several just to match an occasion and my mood. But who doesn’t?!

  6. I used to carry a huge bag and it had my whole life in it. I’ve started packing light and my back is thankful for it. If a backpack is needed, hubby carries it.

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