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Update: I wrote this around my wedding in 2019. Updating with content about unique bridesmaid gifts 2020. These are some evergreen gifts. Make your gifts speak a lot with some personalized and customised ideas. You can also check out my venture, The Drunken Boxist, to help you with some customized unique gift ideas.

The idea of having bridesmaids is not new to any culture. The moment my parents met bae’s parents, I was uber excited in my head for planning my bridesmaids’ boxes. The date or venue was not really fixed yet, but I knew what all I had to do for my own wedding! Now, you will get a lot of bridesmaids gifts ideas online – depending on what you want – unique, inexpensive or practical. I wanted each box that I was giving out to be as personalized as it could get. Personalized bridesmaid boxes are touchy!

My mom helped me a lot in picking up the gifts for my bridesmaids. 

Why is it a good idea to give your Bridesmaids some favour/gifts?

There are three primary reasons why I decided to give my special friends personalized boxes with handwritten notes and proposals. Oh, by the way, I had a few brides’mates’ too because my guy friends are my prized possessions!

  1. This makes every friend of yours feel really special and an essential part of your big day. I remember putting my heart and soul in the boxes that I prepared. Each one had different things, very unique to what they like or how we met or what they mean to me! Weddings are the time when friends and families come together to celebrate and thus, they should be made memorable. 
  2. Wedding preparations are very stressful. Making the gift boxes actually took half of my stress away and they were a nice break from all the stupid stuff that was going on during the preparation (about which I will talk about too!)
  3. I always had this dream of opening a small business of personalized gift boxes. I wanted to see if I can really do something in that direction. 

One of my favourite unique bridesmaid gifts 2020

I wish I had come across this one when I was looking for gifts for my ladies. This is a coordinates bracelet from Sincerely Silver.

Gift Ideas | Bridesmaid Gifts | Diwali Gifts | Personalized Gifts | Unique Bridesmaid Gifts 2020

However, I loved it so much, I got it for my bestie anyway. I am going to India in a few days, this is one of the surprises I will be giving to her. And yeah, this will remain a surprise because I know she doesn’t read my blog! At least she won’t read this one!

What is so special about it?

The idea of coordinates jewellery is that you can get the coordinates of your memorable place – where you met, where you took a life-changing decision or maybe where your better half proposed to you – engraved and wear it! It’s pretty cute.

This bracelet is so cute and delicate. Not to mention, the finishing is impressive!

Gift Ideas | Bridesmaid Gifts | Diwali Gifts | Personalized Gifts

It has got the engraving of the coordinates of my undergrad college where I met Mahima.

Some more ideas for your bridesmaids’ proposal boxes

I always knew that I won’t be just giving the same boxes to everyone. I mean I know some of my friends love wine and some don’t. Some love make-up others don’t.

Gift Ideas | Bridesmaid Gifts | Diwali Gifts | Personalized Gifts

Anything that has got a personal touch works for me – not to forget the uniqueness. One of my maids loved to travel to I got her some beautiful travel accessories. I got Mahima one of the books she had been planning to read for a long time. Here are a few unique bridesmaid gifts ideas that might help you. Actually, you can use these ideas for any festive gift box for friends – Diwali gift maybe?

Gift Ideas | Bridesmaid Gifts | Diwali Gifts | Personalized Gifts

Before I sign off, let me know if you would like to see some of the gift boxes I sent out. I don’t have great pictures, but I guess they are shareable!

Do share your Unique Bridesmaid Gifts 2020 ideas with me in the comment section!

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  1. Great ideas of yours! I know there will be a friend of mine who will get married soon. I hope I can choose the best gift for them.

  2. These are beautiful bridesmaid gift ideas. It’s always nice to receive jewellery, especially if it’s personalised.

  3. It’s wonderful, anyone would love those gifts if they will received it. Hence, it’s also great to give those to those girls who love jewelries.

  4. I wouldnt mind getting a piece of your personalized box seems very well thought of and practical. And oh i love the idea of Brides mates.! Count me in on that

  5. My wife has received one of these coordinate bracelets before and it really is a special bridesmaid gift. You also can’t go wrong with alcohol or coffee or any combination of the two. 🙂 For our wedding my wife did jewelry and I gave my groomsmen golf putters.

  6. This is so cute. I never did this for my bridesmaids (who were my sisters) when I got married. I just asked them. HAHA. But I agree with giving a gift to bridesmaids because whenever I’m part of the entourage and I receive something from the bride and groom, I feel really special.

  7. I’ve always loved the idea of the “bridesmaids proposal”! So fun and creative! And using the coordinates on a piece of jewelry makes it even more special!

  8. Makes the gift so personal for friends are so nice. You are a great friend putting a lot of effort into this for friends. I agree, such as these moments it has to be memorable.

  9. Wow! This is an amazing gift idea. I always wanted to give a presentation on my girlfriends. And this would help me decide what should I will give to them. This article is really helpful. Thank you for sharing and looking forward for more gift guides this coming holidays season.

  10. The coordinates necklace is such a cute and dainty gift. It is so meaningful and beautiful, which is the perfect combination. (Reciprocated by Natasha Romero-Salas)

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