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The thing with Indian parents – they are completely unpredictable. Now, this post is about the time my parents met my bae’s parents. With typical Indian parents, you can expect a lot of drama when it comes to the wedding of their kids. Of course, Indian weddings are no less than a festival, so yes, why not! But as I said, they are completely unpredictable, so there I was – sitting with them without any drama.

Also, consider this as a post on how to talk to Indian parents. 

But First..

I have talked enough about my bae on this blog. That is all I know about him, trust me. I have actually known him for 3 years – precisely 3 years – and in these 3 years, I dated him, spent two years 1000 miles apart and married him too. That is a lot, what do you expect out of me? 4 posts are enough to wind up these 3 years. 

However, now that I am married to him, I really want to document the story of my wedding. And that is not because it was one hell of a wedding (you bet!) but because it’s my blog, so my say. 

While almost every girl dreams of her wedding, I was not really keen on getting married. But damn, getting married is a big deal. And more than that, planning a wedding is the real deal. 

But the first step that you have to take when you decide to marry a guy of your choice is to inform your parents about it. No, that is not optional.  And with Indian parents, it’s a different story altogether. 

This particular post is the story of my parents meeting his parent. 

There is no particular story I have to share about the time when I broke the news to my parents. Well, my sister did it. And then the regular drama followed you know – parents being upset, then mad, then I leave for a holiday to come back only after things have settled down. Hah, the usual! 

I have nailed the art of escapism. Please contact me in case you need some help!

So, after my parents met Bae, they were convinced that I couldn’t have done better than him. They wanted to meet his parents and take the next step. All right, this usually happens, but I did not know it will happen so fast. 

How did it happen?

His parents are from Kanpur, and they travelled to Delhi to meet my parents. His parents are pretty chilled out. So, that was a significant reason for me to really hyperventilate. It could have been too much coolness for my parents to handle.  

Now, the reason why this remains one of my favourite things to talk about my wedding is that we prepared the most for this day than planning the actual wedding. 

While I was hyperventilating and not really talking about it to anyone, bae was all chilled out. Even after knowing him for three years, I don’t know how he manages to do that! So, we decided to meet a day before and talk. 

Modern Bride's Diary - How to Talk to Indian Parents | Planning Indian Wedding

That is our 8 pages of discussion (yes, we planned out every scenario on paper, just in case one of us forgets, read I forget!) summarized.  

Parents are parents

Bae’s parents were living in this hotel in Delhi and we decided to meet in the coffee shop of the hotel. 

Always remember to choose a place which is quiet and sophisticated. If you need to, tell the servers that this meeting needs a minimum or no interruption at all.

Also, it is a good idea to meet over high tea/coffee than over lunch or dinner because you want to have a conversation!

And one last tip – dress accordingly. Don’t be too casual or too formal. And don’t dress up in something which you know might not be liked by his/her family. Like you won’t suggest track pants and a t-shirt – no one will ever suggest that. 

Both of us were nervous when we all sat at our table. But things turned out to be smoother than we thought. My parents were pretty happy to know them and so were his parents. 

Now there are a hell lot of things to discuss – the hows, whats and whys of a typical Indian wedding are crazy – and we thought that this was going to take a lot of our time. I will give you some examples. For a girl’s parent in India, it is very important to know if the guy’s parents need any gifts. It was important for us to decide the location of the wedding – Delhi or Kanpur or some new exotic place. How the wedding rituals were to be finalized. So on and so forth!

But nothing like a lengthy conversation, both the couples were very adjusting. All they said was let the kids decide and do what they want to do. That was a relief. But was it?

Here is a happy picture of that day!

Modern Bride's Diary | Talking to Indian Parents

The rollercoaster ride began just after this happy day! And I can not wait to share everything with you guys! Sorry, but no sorry! 

Oh yes, we also decided to get married sometime in March/April. That was also decided during this meeting – but it was something bae already had in his mind much, much before this! *sigh*

  1. Traveling with your partner is crucial to move forward in the relationship. I don’t know why many people think of traveling as a luxury. We spend too much on things that won’t be strengthening the relationship and think of traveling as something extra.

  2. You took me back to my wedding, the meetings, the preparations and finally the d day. Ours was though an arranged one and so had only happy startings for both set of parents. Congrats to you both. You make a great couple. And Indian weddings will always be very special with the rituals varying from state to state and all the more interesting when it is an inter state wedding.

  3. I love your culture! I have been to an Indian wedding once before and had such a great time. All the food was vegetarian too and totally delicious

  4. I love getting to know other cultures and how everything is done. Loved your family pic and the tips you have! They actually work for any parents meeting!

  5. Such a lovely story, thank you for sharing, and it’s a great idea to have everything written down, all about your love story. I think there are many people that can relate to what you wrote here and how you went through all the wedding process.

  6. Sounds brave of you to be sharing your marriage diary. I’m certain the lessons shared will be greatly appreciated. I appreciate your writing style; I find it amicable and funny.

  7. I am glad everything went well with the meeting, and I wish you and your husband many happy years together! The tips you provided are great, I like the idea of asking the server not to bother the table to often to allow those meeting up the chance to actually talk.

  8. Happy for you that your parent meeting worked out so well! In most situations, we often worry about the worst case scenarios and are then pleasantly surprised when things work out. The balance between marriage and in-law relationships can be a tricky one. Wonderful that you were able to get it started on the right foot.

  9. Was fun and interesting to read this and learn something about Indian culture. Good luck with wedding and enjoy!

  10. Wow. I would have been a nervous wreck if I were in your position. Anyway, I am glad that everything worked out well for both of you. Sometimes, there are family traditions that are hard to break but as children, we must learn to understand and respect the elders.

  11. What happens next? 🙂 It must be such a great relief that the parents meeting went smoothly and they agreed for the ‘kids’ to decide what you want for your wedding. Good luck and I hope the smooth sailing continues.

  12. I can’t wait to hear the rest of this story. It seems like a lot goes into just the meeting portion that I can’t imagine what the wedding planning is like! I’ve seen a few Indian weddings while on vacation and they seem to be lengthy. Such great tradition.

  13. It is so nice to read how your relationship is developing) Your wedding story is a true adventure) I love the way you writing style makes me wait for every following sentence.

  14. Haha I love the way you describe him and how you loved and hate the things he do. And I agree, lazy days are sometimes the key for a happy marriage. It takes time to realize that.

  15. Wow, this is so nice and I really enjoy reading your love story. There is a roller coaster in every relationship that we have and I am glad that everything is working so fine with you and with your partner.

  16. Good to know about your wedding story. As you mentioned the roller coaster ride began just after this happy day, now I can’t wait to read the other part of this beautiful wedding story

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