Elixir called Rosé!

This summers, I conducted a poll on my newly renovated website(yes, bragging much).

Which is your favourite summer wine?

I am a Rose fan. However, currently, I am digging Chardonnay for no reason. Thanks for your vote!

So, Rosé is a clear winner. I was not really expecting this. At least, in my circle, Rosé is not that popular. I fell in love with Rosé some five years back. Let me be very honest, I am in general a huge fan of the rose flavour because of it’s red-pink colour, one and the sweet, flowery taste, two.

I even love rose-flavoured beer!

And back then, I had developed this love for wine pretty recently. I loved red wine, now you know the obvious reason, but I was still not happy with the heaviness it used to give me. 

And then came a day when I was introduced to Rosé wine. I loved the colour, but more than that, I loved how light and flavourful it is. Unlike red wine, it is not that sweet and has got this crispier note. The dry varieties are too good. The aromas can be felt better in rosé, according to me. Rosé gives the perfect high. In short, rosé is everything that I need in my alcohol. 

I took my first ever vineyard tour in 2016. My life changed after that. My complete outlook towards wine changed, and I fell in love with rosé. 

I have toured a number of vineyards since then. My recent trip to Napa Valley, a place from where some of the most excellent wines come, established my love for Rosé even more. My quest for wine will end the day I take a tour of some famous French wineries! 

And it was after all the wine tasting and tours, I realized that even though Rosé is light and refreshing, you really don’t need a season to enjoy it. It tastes as good in any season. Also, coming back to the poll, I just wanted to say that you can actually drink rosé through the year. It is not seasonal. Period. 

I have given up on alcohol because of a few good reasons. One, I have this fear of getting addicted to it. So, I consciously don’t take alcoholic drinks now. Oh, I have been a guzzler throughout my life. But now, I have got a lot of time which I spend all by myself. And trust me, sitting alone and drinking triggers nothing but dependency on alcohol, and I am too smart to realize that before it affects me. Two, as I mentioned my typical day is all about spending too much time with myself, alcohol blows my anxiety way out of proportion and no one in this world, me or my bae, is capable enough to handle that. I couldn’t have been more honest. 

But since I am a social being, rosé helps me in remaining as social as I could. I drink rosé, slowly and steadily, whenever I HAVE to, and it doesn’t get to me.  

Enough of the serious talks, let’s talk about rosé. I called it elixir because this is the alcoholic drink which comes to my rescue. But there are certain other things which you should know if you are a wine lover!

  • Don’t be ashamed of drinking a pink drink. Nothing gets sassier than this!
  • The bottles they come in are of various shapes and sizes. They make cute collectables if you are into collecting bottles. 
  • The main reason associating Rosé with summers is not because it’s refreshing. It is because of the production timings and limited quantities. It is usually out by spring and the sales end by falls, which gives it a season feel. But now the production has increased and you can find it through-out the year. 
  • It is not a millennial trend that has emerged. Rosé has been around for a long time. And as I mentioned above, winemakers are going to include it in their portfolio throughout the year. 
  • Unlike red and white wines, these wines are pretty new, and they don’t have to be aged. Few of the varieties do get finer with age, but you don’t need to hoard your wine cellars for centuries to enjoy a fine bottle of wine. 
  • Rosé is comparatively cheaper. You don’t have to spend a fortune to be able to afford this elixir! Here are a few of my favourite brands and they are not at all expensive!

  • If you are still confused, choose any wine made in Provence, France. You will never go wrong! 
  • This particular wine actually goes with almost all kind of food. From seafood to Italian cuisine to American cuisine, Rosé will taste good with everything! Try it instead of your regular mimosa with your brunch. Or maybe, have it on your barbeque afternoon, trust me, you will thank me!
This is basically everything – prawns, sauteed veggies, vegetable rice and garlic bread!

  • Rosé can be used for making several cocktails. And trust me, there will come a time in your life when you will enjoy drinking cocktails more than anything. Here are a few of my favourite cocktails which you can actually make at home! 

  • Rosé is what we call it in French. The Spanish name is Rosado and the Italian name is Rosato. Hah!

I honestly hope that you will definitely try rosé now. And unlike other wines, it is not an acquired taste! Or do you already hate rosé? Tell me why, please! I am listening.

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  1. I have yet to find a wine that I really like. I don’t really drink, but I want to find a fruity drink that I will actually enjoy one day. I may try the Hugl Wimmer Zweigelt Rose that you mentioned. I am hoping I like it!

  2. Rose is not my favorite but there are some pretty good ones out there. Just reminds me I need to make a run out to Trader Joes and pick up a good one that I would like. So many different things you can do with a good Rose.

  3. Lovely post for wine lovers. Well I rarely have white wine not a big fan of wine. But I liked your rose wine concept.

  4. I only drink occassionally but when I want to dink I prefer to have a red wine. Never tried to taste a rose wine but I’ve heard a lot of good things about it and I think this is a delicious drinks that I need to try.

  5. This is a great thought about wine hopping. For someone who’s country is not really into wine, this musing is helpful to concoct something new to drink, I think Filipino wine lovers would love to try out. And the cost/budget is helpful too, so we will know how to spend. Continue writing about winel

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