When you have the Best Boss Ever!

This post took more time than I anticipated! But I have been wanting to post this since I left Delhi(well, is that a piece of news to you?!). I have been completely MIA because of my relocation to a completely new city. More than any physical fatigue of the relocation (because I practically had to move just one luggage full of clothes), I am emotionally exhausted. And that is the reason I have been keeping away from writing anything. But I have finally realized that writing always keeps my sanity intact.

I have lived in Delhi all my life. Leaving Delhi was a tough decision because I have always stayed in the comfort of my house, moved around conveniently in private vehicles and never really faced any regionalism at all, despite being a Bengali. I miss all of those things. I miss my parents a lot. But I moved to a new city because of a new job.
The foremost thing that I want right now is settling down in my job. Okay, I am not judging my workplace or my work or my bosses, because it’s too soon. But having an amazing boss in the past makes it very difficult to not to compare your present situation when you shift workplaces. I might soon be attending workshops on how to move on in life without your favourite boss around. 

This post is completely inspired and dedicated to my boss from the previous organization. I am going to tell you about how difficult it is to move on when you have worked with the best bosses. I have spent a good amount of time there, despite my present organization being my 5th organization in the last three years. The time I spent in Deloitte was pretty challenging but I had an amazing team to work with and thus things were tolerable. More than teammates, they were the friends who made life pretty easier. Though I had times when I worked with people who were not the best of leaders, however, my team’s bosses were pretty amazing and probably the reason why I find it difficult to move on so soon!

I miss being around them!
The comfort of having a gang to always share your joys and sorrows!

And this was the team where I met the boss who inspired me to write this post. In short, everything that I ever believed a good boss should be made of is compiled below. I hope my professional journey helps me identify and add more qualities to the list – and if at all I plan to work long, emerge as a good boss myself.

And in this section of my post, I am going to talk about my previous boss Varun, without whose presence I wouldn’t have known ever, what a great boss is all about!  He was the one who took my interview and on-boarded me into his team. He already had a wonderful team with people who ended up being my closest of the friends.
Varun has literally helped in shaping the image of a “good boss” in my head. Whenever there had been a blocker, like when I was very new and had no clue how simple things like Excel work, he had spent time with me making me understand things, rather than judging me or being condescending towards me for not knowing it. He has always been very motivating.

He always made sure that your one failure doesn’t demotivate you or pulls you back. He is someone who will have faith in you and gives you time to grow.

Another great thing about him is that he has always been someone who has treated his team members as humans and not just mere resources, which is, by the way, a common culture in consulting. He connects with people at a personal level. When I say that I mean that it is always a pleasant feeling to know that your manager takes interest in you as an individual. It means a lot, at least for me personally, when a boss actually encourages your interests and hobbies. It always made me feel amazing when Varun used to read my blogs and appreciated them! 

Varun also shares his life and struggles too, both professional and personal. I feel that is also one of the good things about an awesome boss – shows the vulnerable side of a person and makes your manager all the more human.

With him, work was always fun. While I was around, I know that Varun made sure that life doesn’t get monotonous and too strenuous even when the projects involved a lot of high pressure and tough deadlines. In short, he is fun to work with! He makes sure that the environment is always healthy to work in! 

I look completely high and stoned in this picture. But then again, this is one of my favourite pictures!

Varun is the kind of manager who knows what kind of deliverable is to be given when. He has a clear vision, mostly, and makes sure that he also respects the sensible and reasonable opinions of his subordinates. And all this because he is knowledgable enough to do that.

He is always open enough to welcome every idea, without being the “boss” boss. 

Being my manager, he did set clear expectations and goals for me, which definitely helped me grow as a professional. His consistent feedbacks were constantly helpful in making me aware of my shortcomings. And that way, I believed he managed to build a very good team with very fewer communication blocks among everyone.

All this, because he has worked in this kind of set up for more than a decade now.

I am thankful that my first real job in the world of consulting had him as my mentor. I have learned to appreciate the work I do, enjoy while I work and excel in whatever I do!

Thank you Varun πŸ™‚

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  1. I am fortunate to have both the experiences in life, with a horrible and the best boss. These impressions are for life, hope we are doing good in other’s lives and will be remembered as good ones.

  2. I can so related with you, and guess we have so much in common. I too had stayed in Delhi with my parents moving in private cars and then shifted to Mumbai for my first corporate job and had the best boss ever too. Great Post

  3. I enjoyed reading your article so much, having a great boss is so priceless, it will make you love your work more. You are so lucky.

  4. I enjoy this article. Thank you for sharing this good information and it is also very helpful for those peoples who don’t have that much knowledge about this. keep it up. Thank you.

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