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There are two things which I do if I am lacking any kind of travel in my life or I am way too frustrated with whatever I am doing – I either reminiscence about my previous trips or just have li’l luxurious escape, away from everything in my life.As I mentioned in my older posts, the latter one is my own designer drug, I think I have become pretty much addicted to it. But first, let me thank my parents for making me capable of affording such luxuries.

Since I am not able to go on a holiday and it has already been 6 months without any leaves, I decided to treat myself with a mini-escape to this amazing resort which has been on my list since a long time now – since the times it was called Dusit Devrana.

This place is a breath of fresh air which gives the perfect escape and rejuvenation. Just one tip I have, don’t book the place via the travel websites. Rather call the hotel direct to book and you can get better deals and customizations. 

I went there for a refreshing getaway. And it is pretty surprising that in the middle of the city, you find so much of isolation and greenery- 2000 trees to be precise. And the best part about this place is that it is super accessible. You do not have to go to any outskirts to reach this kind of greenery and peace!

After you have made your reservations, you receive a number for of the “Roseate Lifestyle Team”, who help you before your check-in and throughout your stay.  You can reach to the team for making any special arrangements that you need and they are super helpful!

Once you enter the property, you are welcomed by a very courteous front desk and a refreshing welcome drink. The check-in is pretty smooth without much hassle and the Roseate people made sure that I was comfortable while all the formalities being done – it’s like they actually had a dedicated team member helping me out even when many check-ins were done that day.

I loved the coloured glass wall of the reception area. I loved it a lot!

So, this picture is important – for the before and after effect!

What I love about Roseate is that there is so much of water all around. It has three major water bodies – one of which is the 102 metres pool which runs through the length of the property. The other two small ‘lakes’, as I like to call them, are at the entrance and the reception.

The residential area of the hotel is alongside the 102 metres pool. And it is spectacular. I loved the hallway and I loved my room even more.

This place definitely defines luxury. So, the rooms are huge with pretty amazing decor and amenities. I will let the pictures speak now.

I was welcomed with a li’l surprise too.

The rooms are smart rooms with everything controlled with the iPad. And that is pretty lovely.

After having an amazing soak in the bathtub, I had a great sleep.

After that, I went to the spa at the Aheli spa for a rejuvenating massage. And that is exactly the reason why I expressed gratitude to my parents. The spa was indeed heavenly. Just a li’l heads up, it was not the best of the spas I have had.

Some pictures don’t really capture the overall vibes!

The fitness centre of this place also surrounded by water on all sides. Sadly, in fact, happily, I don’t really pay heed to any electronics to take pictures – especially not when I go out to beat the stress of all the bad things happening around.

Next in my agenda was a candlelit dinner. So, this place has three restaurants. Kiyan which serves the world cuisine, Chi Ni which is the Chinese restaurant here with a tent canopy and then the Iah Bar which is the regular bar and serves finger food.

I had my dinner reservation with Kiyan and the food is certainly amazing! And I did no miss to click the dessert pictures.

This is called the paan kulfi and faluda
This was the Chef’s special dessert which had too many elements – from chocolate to caramel to sesame.

But more than the food I loved the set up of this wonderful restaurant.

A great dinner was followed by a walk around this place and I certainly had a good night sleep.

This is how my favourite glass wall looks from the outside!

The next morning started off with a trip to the pool and a hearty breakfast. Now that I am writing about it, I realized that I need pictures to look back and be hopeful that something just like this will happen soon! *sigh*

However, I am glad that I had a beautiful weekend getaway. Hope to go out for another luxury escape soon!

But yes, I should share the after effects photo so as to show that why such escapes are important!

See the difference!

  1. Looks like an absolute treat and a great place to pamper yourself. The quality of the hotel looks absolutely top notch. Wound love to find in there. Thanks for sharing a great property.

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