How to deal with stress at work?

No matter how hard we try, stress is something that is unavoidable. The major source of stress, believe it or not, is surprisingly our professional zone. Which means, it is our work that is making our brain go haywire and stressful!

If you are happy in your workplace and are happy with the work you do, nothing like it. But a stressful work environment affects your life after you come back home.

But if you learn a few effective tips to cope with stress while you are working, it can help you feel better. Here’s how you can tackle stress at your workplace.

Understanding the triggers of your stress

First things first, we are all different human beings and all of us react in a different way to different situations. Our years of experience and our personality also plays some role in the way we deal with particular situations. Things which bother you might not affect your colleagues at all. Or your brain might be sensitive to a few situations causing more stress.

Hence, it is necessary for you to understand your triggers. Try and identify them. What you can do to identify is, give yourself some time, learn when and where your mind switches off or feels extremely vulnerable. Start recording those events. There will be moments when you feel the worst – you feel negative about yourself, emotionally you feel tired and so on while you work. Notice them.

Try to analyze the stressful situations. Who all were there? Is it the presence of a few people who make your surroundings negative? How did you react to the situation? Were you impulsive? Could you have acted differently? Or are there things around work that make you feel stressed at work? Is it because you travel for around 2 hours to reach office? Or do you feel difficulties in accepting criticisms? Or is the fear of losing a job? Identify them.

Try to take care of your stress triggers

After you learn about the trigger points, the next thing is to tackle it effectively. The best way to deal with triggers is to legitimately find a way to change the circumstance that is causing you stress. Let’s say you always leave early from office leaving your work behind to pick your kid from school. Employers will allow this to happen once or twice, but it happens regularly, no one will feel good about it. In fact, you will start feeling guilty about it and affect your personal life as well. But there is a solution to this – like talking to the neighbours who can pick your kid and drop him or her safely to your home. Also, if your company allows you to take work home, you can try doing that too. This way, you will be able to finish your work daily and submit it to your manager the very next day.

Time management is the key to everything

Another possible reason to feel stressed is not being able to manage your time properly. Many people in the workplace, unfortunately, fail to deal with time management effectively. Time management is essential, this helps you to complete your work on time and maintaining your cool even under pressure.

This is what you need to do:

Step 1: Set your goals beforehand. Every day is a new day for you. Sit with your managers and decide your daily goals. Don’t set unexpected goals. Finish them daily and review them to ensure that everything is right.

Step 2: Always prepare a list. You will have always have urgent work. Mark them as your priority. Distribute your work in order and finish them one by one. But, make sure to finish your priority work first.

Speak to your colleagues and managers
Jobs can get extremely stressful once a while. You might feel that your job is taking a toll on your life and you are no longer able to handle it. Unfortunately, this is when people quit their job even if they don’t want to. If nothing works, then maybe quitting could be the last option. But think, isn’t every job stressful?

The best way to deal with office stress is to sit with your trusted colleagues and manager. Tell them that you are facing challenges. Let them know that you need help. They might be in a position to sort it out for you.

Take a break

Another thing to keep your calm is to take a break when required. Don’t push yourself too hard. Even a few minutes of break in between work can help your mood to feel refreshed. Have a sip of coffee or just walk in the corridor.

Also, once you know that now you can take a vacation, take it. And don’t take your work along with you on your vacation. A vacation is required every now and then to break the monotonous routine. You are a human being too and you do need a break. Think about it. Let your manager know that you wish to take a break after completing a project.

Taking breaks are super important. But always remember that there is a thin line between a break and escape!

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Few last words

Do seek professional help when you feel negative about everything. Job stress is a huge thing and when you fail to cope with it effectively, don’t hesitate to talk to a professional. Counselling can help you to deal with your stress and anxiety effectively.

  1. Hi Sushmita, it’s a wonderful post and it definitely put me at ease 🙂 , the tips are quite practical and very doable.
    At times, most of us tend to bypass the “trigger” and keep struggling to address the stress. Stress could definitely be nipped in the bud if we could focus on identifying the root cause. I would just like to add one more tip – sometimes, in many situations, acceptance of things is the only way to deal with stress !

    1. Totally! Acceptance is the key. But it takes a lot of courage to accept things as they are. I took 28 years of my life to understand the value of acceptance. Thank you so much for your kind and motivating words 🙂

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