Being Smart!

Do you remember the movie Back to the Future? I never imagined that the “future” will be here so soon! I never really thought I will see such an advanced way of living life in my lifetime.

Just when I thought that ordering everything online – from food to clothes to spa services to self-driven cars – is revolutionary, I, in no time, found myself fiddling with the smart home devices. I am super dependent on my Google Assistant for everything.

But this comes with two major drawbacks. First, there are a lot of questions about security. Hell yes, I am worried too but then I rationally think that who will gain what by getting information about my whereabouts. As long as your financial details are secure, I think it’s okay to leave an online footprint.

Secondly, it makes you super lazy probably. You are having everything at your fingertips so yes, a sedentary lifestyle is given. But then, smart wearables are a good way to keep track of your workouts and physical activities. I don’t know if you are aware of the Google Fit Challenge but that is something which will help you keep in check that you are being optimally physically active. I make sure that I complete my 10K steps every day. Plus, these watches are pretty nice accessories! I mean I really love my watch!

Also, I love it how my home is voice controlled now. Smart Homes for the win! I still remember how I used to feel so lazy to get up to switch off the lights after finishing my book at night. Now, it’s just about saying “Okay Google, switch off the lights!”

Being a slave to the technology is fine as long as we know that we are not misusing it. So, be smart, no?

This is how, presently, our life is completely ruled by technology – for good and for our ease!

This post is written for a contest hosted by IndiBlogger in association with Flipkart #SmartHomeRevolution.

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