5 Misconceptions About IIT JEE That You Should Know And Avoid

Those who aspire to study engineering in India have one main aim – to land a seat in one of the premier IITs in the country. However, to get admitted to these institutes they have to cross a big hurdle which is appearing for the IIT Joint Entrance Exam. This entrance exam which is conducted on a national level is one of the most popular as well as challenging exams in India. While the exam is important for many students, there are some preconceived notions or misconceptions about this exam.

There is a lot of wrong information that is passed around and this significantly adds to the existing pressure that students face. Sometimes budding aspirants even back out as they get carried away by the misconceptions and fail to make judicious decisions. In this article, we have tried to bring out some of the most common misconceptions that students should know about. They should ignore these and deviate away from such a notion. When they do that, they will be able to prepare more effectively for the exam.

Not For the Average Students

Most of the time students hear that IIT JEE Main or JEE Advanced exams are too tough and that they are very difficult to crack. After hearing such a statement average students feel that the exam can only be cleared by toppers or students with brilliant minds. Yes, the exam is tough but even average students can successfully clear the exams. It all depends on smart preparation along with hard work.

Board Preparation Will Make Things Easy

This is true to some extent. However, students have to realize that these are two distinct exams based on different exam pattern. They require different levels of preparation. Most of the time students who fall into this trap end up under-performing in the exams.

Study For Long Hours Is A Must

This is totally the wrong concept. Yes JEE requires students to put in the extra effort but it does not mean that you study for hours and hours all night long. Students will only exhaust themselves and it even might lead to the dullness of the mind. Planning a suitable timetable is key and students should have a good focus when they study. Regular breaks should be taken in between and engage in fun activities as it will help students remain motivated. Meanwhile, study hours should not be compared with the success rate.

Make Use Of More And More Study Resources

It is important to refer to additional resources like NCERT books or HC Verma solutions among others. However, it will not be beneficial if students are not able to finish reading all the books on time and more resources could also mean students getting confused. Time is a valuable thing and students should stick to the right resources. Engage in solving more of question papers while keeping less number of books.

Studying In The Best Coaching Institute Can Help You Crack JEE

Yes, taking coaching can help students to some extent but the fact is that it all depends on how seriously the student takes the exam. They need to be goal oriented and work smartly at the same time to succeed in the exam.

These are some of the things that students should be aware of and avoid them in order to excel in the exam. Meanwhile, students who are interested to learn more about JEE and at the same time get access to interesting learning content they can check out BYJU’S YouTube channel and subscribe to it.

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